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April 07, 2013

I can't believe it's just 2 weeks to my first exam paper for this semester!!!! O.O

I'll start my intensive study soon although I still didn't have the mood to do so yet, but I really need to. This semester is really very kuazhang cause we are still having lessons until like next week? Usually we will have close to a month of study break before exams one! But this time round, it's just like 1 week? WHAT?

Somemore I still have some blog related work to do also omg! Okay, pardon me for abit cause I think I cannot stop ranting now! Hahahaha! Shall show you guys some pictures to divert my attention!!!

typicalben ash grey blue hair

Let me start off with a huge picture of me first? Hahaha!:D

typicalben esther isaac

Met up with Esther and Isaac again the other day!

typicalben ash blue hair

My current hair colour after the blue fades! Nice anot?!

dean and deluca singapore

Went for some drinks after we had our dinner!

milkshake dean and deluca singapore

Strawberry milkshake with chocolate chips and banana!! Mad super crazy love it!!! ♥

typicalben at dean and deluca singapore

Pictures time!!!

typicalben drinking milkshake dean and deluca singapore

Thanks Isaac for helping me to take all the pictures hahahaha!

typicalben dean and deluca singapore

Okay, one last one!!!!

saving general yang gala premiere rws

Went for Saving general Yang Gala Premire over at RWS!

saving general yang gala premiere tickets


typicalben randyys selca

Had a quick meal with Ran before heading in!

typicalben randyys

Individual shot of us!

rws conference hall

And we are inside the festive grand hall!!

saving general yang gala premiere

Spot 吳尊 (Wu Chun) and 仔仔 (Vic Zhou)!!!!

typicalben randyys saving general yang gala premiere

Selca of us before the movie starts!!!

lab series for mens

Anyway, I'm gonna start using these Lab Series products which they gave me when I attend their event the other time! I've only started using the moisture gel only! Will tell you guys if it's good soon! :D


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  1. wow. like your hair ^&^
    nice photos.