Teeth cleaning at Omni Dental Centre

April 08, 2013

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typicalben teeth cleaning at omni dental centre

Guess what am I doing over at Omni Dental Centre this time round?

Yes, apart from getting my invisalign aligners (I'm now on the 9th set of refinement aligners), I'm also here to do teeth cleaning! I've been going for regular cleaning since the day I did invisalign with them!

Because they told me that it's better for us who are doing invislign or any other orthodontics treatment to have our teeth clean regularly as the gap between will close better and faster! And the recommended cleaning is once every 3 months! I'm really happy because as time goes by, the dentist told me that my teeth are improving and is cleaner than before! No much plaque and calculus anymore yay!!! :D

I think it's because after wearing invisalign, it corrects my crooked and overlapping teeth so it makes cleaning them easier because I might not be able to reach those spots last time when brushing, but now I can! So it's not just improving the looks of your teeth but also your oral hygiene as well!

typicalben for teeth cleaning at omni dental centre

All set and ready to start my teeth cleaning session!!

teeth cleaning at omni dental centre typicalben

Do I look cool with the sunglasses or what!! Hahaha!!

There are 4 different steps for teeth cleaning, and I find it very comprehensive!!

The steps are:

1. Scaling - To remove plague and calculus that stick into the tooth surface
2. Hand Scaling - To remove plague and calculus that stick underneath the gum margins
3. Polishing - To remove stains
4. Fluoride - To strengthen the teeth

teeth cleaning at omni dental centre

Having my teeth polished!

I also asked the dentist why my teeth is getting yellow nowadays, and she asked me if I like to drink coffee or tea (which yes, I love drinking tea hahaha)! They told me that both coffee and tea will stain our teeth one, so after drinking them remember to rinse your mouth with water to prevent staining!

fluoride teeth

Last step is to put on the fluoride, to strengthen our teeth! :D

typicalben with fluoride

Picture of me with fluoride on (which I posted up on my Instagram when I visit them)!

Really happy to have Omni Dental Centre to take care of my teeth, I can't wait to show you guys the final results of my teeth but I'm now still at the 9th (refinement) set, so still got quite a long way to go!

But from the pictures you can see that my teeth improve and straighten alot already right! My orthodontist, Dr Loh says he's very happy to see that my teeth is getting nicer and neater also! Yay!!

Anyway if you guys interested in teeth cleaning or invisalign treatment, you can give Omni Dental Centre a call at 6737 7375! Or you can also can visit their website for more details too! :D


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    1. Address: 260 Orchard Road, #08-05 The Heeren, Singapore 238855