Krabi and Phuket Trip 2013

May 21, 2013

Krabi and Phuket Trip Photoblog with Video:

This is the first time I'm posting a photoblog post only with pictures, there won't be any words or caption even. But I really took alot of effort and time to edit the pictures and Ran took really long to edit the video, so I hope you guys will enjoy the pictures and also love the video because I really like it alot! :D

Day 1: To Krabi - Check in Mercure Krabi Deevana - Walk around Krabi Town

typicalben krabi 1

typicalben krabi 2

typicalben krabi 3

typicalben krabi 4

typicalben krabi 5

typicalben krabi 6

typicalben krabi 7

typicalben krabi 8

typicalben krabi 10

typicalben krabi 11

typicalben krabi 12

typicalben krabi 13

typicalben krabi 14

typicalben krabi 15

typicalben krabi 16

typicalben krabi 17

typicalben krabi 18

typicalben krabi 19

typicalben krabi 20

typicalben krabi 20.5

typicalben krabi 21

typicalben krabi 22

typicalben krabi 23

typicalben krabi 24

typicalben krabi 25

typicalben krabi 26

typicalben krabi 27

typicalben krabi 28

typicalben krabi 29

typicalben krabi 30

typicalben krabi 31

typicalben krabi 32

typicalben krabi 33

typicalben krabi 34

typicalben krabi 35

typicalben krabi 36

typicalben krabi 37

typicalben krabi 38

typicalben krabi 39

typicalben krabi 40

typicalben krabi 41

typicalben krabi 42

typicalben krabi 43

typicalben krabi 44

typicalben krabi 45

typicalben krabi 46


Day 2: Phi Phi Island Tour - Snorkeling - Thai Massage

typicalben phi phi island 1

typicalben phi phi island 2

typicalben phi phi island 3

typicalben phi phi island 3.5

typicalben phi phi island 4

typicalben phi phi island 5

typicalben phi phi island 5.5

typicalben phi phi island 6

typicalben phi phi island 7

typicalben phi phi island 7.5

typicalben phi phi island 8

typicalben phi phi island 9

typicalben phi phi island 10

typicalben phi phi island 11

typicalben phi phi island 12

typicalben phi phi island 13

typicalben phi phi island 14

typicalben phi phi island 15

typicalben phi phi island 16

typicalben phi phi island 17

typicalben phi phi island 18

typicalben phi phi island 18.5

typicalben phi phi island 19

typicalben phi phi island 20

typicalben phi phi island 21

typicalben phi phi island 22

typicalben phi phi island 23

typicalben phi phi island 24

typicalben phi phi island 25

typicalben phi phi island 26

typicalben phi phi island 27

typicalben phi phi island 28

typicalben phi phi island 29

typicalben phi phi island 30


Day 3: To Phuket - Check in Grand Mercure Phuket - Explore night market

karbi phuket typicalben 1

karbi phuket typicalben 2

karbi phuket typicalben 2.5

karbi phuket typicalben 3

karbi phuket typicalben 4

karbi phuket typicalben 5

karbi phuket typicalben 6

karbi phuket typicalben 7

karbi phuket typicalben 7.5

karbi phuket typicalben 8

karbi phuket typicalben 9

karbi phuket typicalben 10

karbi phuket typicalben 11

karbi phuket typicalben 12

karbi phuket typicalben 13

karbi phuket typicalben 14

karbi phuket typicalben 15

karbi phuket typicalben 16

karbi phuket typicalben 17

karbi phuket typicalben 18

karbi phuket typicalben 19

karbi phuket typicalben 20

karbi phuket typicalben 21

karbi phuket typicalben 22

karbi phuket typicalben 23

karbi phuket typicalben 24

karbi phuket typicalben 25

karbi phuket typicalben 25.5

karbi phuket typicalben 26

karbi phuket typicalben 27

karbi phuket typicalben 28

karbi phuket typicalben 29

karbi phuket typicalben 30

karbi phuket typicalben 31


Day 4: Elephant Riding in Phuket - Back to Singapore

phuket elephant riding typicalben 1

phuket elephant riding typicalben 2

phuket elephant riding typicalben 3

phuket elephant riding typicalben 4

phuket elephant riding typicalben 5

phuket elephant riding typicalben 6

phuket elephant riding typicalben 7

phuket elephant riding typicalben 8

phuket elephant riding typicalben 9

phuket elephant riding typicalben 10

phuket elephant riding typicalben 11

phuket elephant riding typicalben 12

phuket elephant riding typicalben 13

phuket elephant riding typicalben 14

phuket elephant riding typicalben 15

phuket elephant riding typicalben 16

phuket elephant riding typicalben 17

phuket elephant riding typicalben 18

Thank you Chan Brothers Travel for the wonderful experience! ♥

Watch the video of our whole journey:

p/s: Anyway you guys also can stand a chance to win in a lucky draw of 'up to S$2,000 worth of prizes' by voting for our video here! :D


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  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    hi ^^ I was wondering what camera you used? thanks

  2. Anonymous5:46 am

    What brand/name is the glasses (leopard)your wearing?

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  4. i love the picture of ben in front of the 'china building', the effect looks amazing! The food there looks amazing too!!!

  5. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Hi Ben, nice blog you have there! May I know the name of the hotel you guys stayed in for the Phuket sector? Thanks! :)