Our Grandparents

May 16, 2013

So yesterday I went out to have dinner with my paternal side grandmother and it's been quite some time since I saw her. For my maternal side, both my grandma and grandpa, I see them more often because they always have gathering every Saturday and during special occasion, so I would drop by if I'm free!

For my paternal side, this tradition and practice stopped years ago. So it's only during Chinese New Year that I'll get to see my paternal side relatives, but for my cousins, I still do meet them up from time to time.

I really love my grandparents because they are the sweetest thing! They are the one who took care of me when I was young! And we all know that grandparents dote on all their grandchildren alot and they always give really good advice at times too! Although sometimes they might get really naggy and long-winded, but usually what they say makes sense and I actually like listening to them. It sometimes do enlighten me in certain issues and aspect of my life, and I feel that they always have the wisest words ever!

So yesterday, I think grandma was really happy to see me because it's been quite some time since we both saw each other! And apart from the usual catch up and advises she gave me, she told me something which makes me feel alittle sad. She said this to me with teary eyes, "you have to takecare of yourself and your health because only you can takecare of your health. like for me, all my children are busy working for their future and family, so I've to takecare of myself on my own too."

I mean it's not that nobody is taking care of her because she stays with my uncle and they do takecare of her. Also, daddy and my other relatives also occasionally visit her and bring her out as well. I think what she meant from all those words is that she misses us alot.

In this current society now, it's true that everyone is all busy with their own commitment.

Like for us (grandchildren), we are all busy with schools or work. Those with family (their children), will be busy taking care of their family (which is us) and at the same time working as well. So everyone is very busy with their own stuff and sometimes we tend to neglect all the kinship that we had.

I must say that, I myself also didn't visit all my grandparents regularly and only do so when I'm free and have the time, but what always strike me is that...... we always feel regret and only learn how to cherish something when we lost it or realising that we are going to lose it.

And all these feelings of feeling regret and asking yourself why didn't we treasure it more, is all too late by then. What I wanna say is that, although we are all busy with school or work but whenever you are free, please do go visit your grandparents because that small act of yours will really make their day.

If you can go to concerts or fan meet of your idols, or go shopping with your friends, then I'm sure you can make out some time to go see and visit them even if it's just for a short while. Buy them small gifts if you can afford to, bring them to eat if you can. If not, I think just by visiting them and talking to them will be more than enough, as they will be super happy to be able to see you.

Don't get annoyed by their nags or long-winded talks, which is something that you might miss next time in the future. Treasure and cherish people you love when you can, because you will never know what will happen tomorrow. Life is too short and fragile, we always see people suddenly pass away or contracted with some deadly illness, so we really don't know and can't predict what will happen in the future.

I'm not saying you have to every week go visit them, but do it more frequently than what you apparently are doing now. Because we will get old too, and by that time, we would want people to visit us as well. We will want people to listen and talk to us. We will want some accompany.


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  1. I happen to live in the same house as both my maternal & paternal grandparents :)

  2. indeed :) love the elders as they've done a lot for us since we're young.nice post ben!

  3. Great that you took time out to meet her! She must be so happy. It's been some time since I came to your site but I love this layout so much better! Agree that it's really sad to see your grandparents and parents growing old and frail. Worried that one day you don't see them anymore. Would take time out to have dinner with her too!

  4. great post!
    elders somehow feel lonely because they see younger people is always being busy about their own life, meanwhile they feel they don't have much things to do, and what they really want is gathering with their family. small things to show our affection (like all sweet things u said), really means a lot. love to all grandparents! <3

  5. You live on a tiny island, you should definitely visit more often. Not judging here, but i know how elderly feel alone. My grand father passed away four years ago. I miss him, but what makes me even sadder, is the thought that my grand mother is now living all by herself in a big house. She won't leave her town to move closer to one of her children, because this is where she has always lived, and she has so many memories there with my grand father.
    I begged her to come live with us, but she won't listen. Nobody does it in France (where i live) anyway. Being half asian , it seems natural for me to take care of your parents (meaning to MAKE THEM LIVE WITH YOU once they're alone), but in france not so much. Elderly have their pride, they don't want to be a burden fo their children.
    Even though she lives two hours away from my hometown i still manage to see her once a month, and to give her a call once a week. This is all it takes to make both of us happy. So visit, visit, visit. Studying, working aren't excuses. You're just trying to make you feel better.