Nikon 1 J2 Camera Review

May 27, 2013

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Yayy!!! So today I'm going to review and share with you guys more about the Nikon 1 J2 Camera that Nikon loaned me and which I've also been playing with it for the past few weeks!! Wooohoooooo~!!

typicalben with nikon 1 J2

Me with Nikon 1 J2 camera on hand!!!

I must say that mirrorles camera are really popular nowdays, because everyone wants to take pretty pictures but many of us still do not want to carry a DSLR out because it's pretty bulky and heavy. Especially when it comes to daily stuff, like going for shopping or have a normal chill out session with your friends over drinks, it can be pretty troublesome to bring a DSLR along although you want to take pictures!

And for some people they just want something better than compact camera! So that's why we would settle for something in-between, which is the mirroless camera! Nikon 1 series of cameras are one of them, and for Nikon they call it the 'Advanced Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses'! :D

nikon 1 J2

So here you have it, the Nikon 1 J2 Camera!!!

nikon 1 J2 with lens cap

It's in a user friendly size but yet packed with all-round performance by their good lenses!!

nikon 1 J2 lens

When the camera is on and the lens is extended!

nikon 1 J2 screen and buttons

The screen and the buttons! It's feels really fun and easy to use even for beginners! So you don't have to worry that it's very complicated with all the overwhelming buttons and functions!

They also have some unique functions that only Nikon camera has, which I'll show you guys later k!!!

For now, let's put the camera to test and I'll snap some shots that we usually will take with our camera! And here's something I want you guys to note: is that, for all the pictures on my blog, all of them are edited and being touched up by photoshop BUT for all the pictures that you guys are going to see below taken by Nikon 1 J2, they are all unedited or without any touch by done by photoshop at all!

Because I see no point in editing the pictures as that's not what you will truly get from the camera itself when you guys get it, and also not all of you guys have photoshop or know how to use photoshop! So I think it will be the best to show the original quality of the pictures that is taken straight from the camera!

And I must say that I'm really impressed with the quality because I tired to take most of the pictures indoor and during night time, which is where most of us usually take pictures right, instead of going to the garden or park to do the test shot when the sun is bright and sunny! And because of that, sometimes the lighting is really dark or bad because it's in indoors or at night but it turns out that the Nikon 1 J2 still produce relatively good quality pictures!!! It's not grainy or blurry at all eh, very good!!

Okay okay, so let me start to show you guys all the pictures taken by Nikon 1 J2!!!!

Selca shots:

typicalben self shot by nikon 1 J2

Let's start of with few usual self taking shots at home before heading out!

typicalben self shot by nikon 1 J2 3

typicalben self shot by nikon 1 J2 2

typicalben self shot by nikon 1 J2 1

Another one of me with my hair!

Nature shots:

flowers by nikon 1 J2

Came across these flowers as I walked past my neighbour's corridor! Pretty isn't it!

Food shots:

food shot 2 by nikon 1 J2

I must say that the restaurant went to, their lightening is really dim but nevertheless it still takes pretty food shot! Here's mine anyway: Rice with soft shell crab, egg and onion curry! Super yummy! :D

food shot by nikon 1 J2

Here's bff's Zj one! Glass noodle with black pepper soft shell crab in claypot!

food shot 3 by nikon 1 J2

Thai stuffed chicken wing!!!

typicalben playing with nikon 1 J2

Lol Zj took a candid shot of me being engrossed playing with the camera!!

Mirror shots:

mirror typicalben by nikon 1 J2

Some of us like to do this, but some of us don't. But anyway, here's a mirror self shot!

Smart Photo Selector shots:

This is one of the unique Nikon features that they have, which is the magic that gets you the best shot!

So allow me to explain how it works...... All you need to do when taking pictures using this fuction is to half-press the shutter button and the camera will start buffering images at high speed and once you press and take the shot, the camera chooses the 5 best images and out of the 3 best images right, the best one will be presented as "Best Shot" with the other 4 images still saved in case you wanna compare and verify!

In simple words, means with this function, it will choose 5 best pictures (out of 20 frames it recorded) taken with one shot and choose the best one for you! And the other 4 pictures will still be kept in the memory just in-case you think you prefer the other 4 pictures instead of the best one that they chose for you!

Understand already not? Hahahaha! Actually it's not very complicated at all! But nevermind if you don't, here's some example that Zj took for me while I'm shopping at Diaso lol! Please see below:

smart photo selector by nikon 1 J2

These 5 shots is taken by this Smart Photo Selector function and the top picture is the one they chose as best shot, and the 4 at the bottom is those that are being saved in the memory still, just in-case we want to use it or think they look better than the best shot! Another clearer example below....

smart photo selector 2 by nikon 1 J2

You can see the difference in these 5 pictures, and for some my hands are moving and blurry, so they chose the best shot where the image is clear and when my hands are not moving/blurry!

I think this function is really good you know, it's like sometimes when you take pictures right, be it taking pictures of yourself or others, things like getting out of frame, blurred or our eyes blink always happen!!

So this Smart Photo Selector actually solves all these problem because it helps you to save the hassle of taking pictures over and over again! So I'm pretty much loving this function, good for group shots!!

Random shots:

candies shot by nikon 1 J2

Many of us like to take random pictures of anything and everything! Here's the candies section over at Diaso! And you can see the lighting there is really dim but the pictures is still very clear not grainy and all!

Night outdoor chilling shots:

typicalben starbucks selca by nikon 1 J2

Self shot!

starbucks shot by nikon 1 J2

My drinks! Cocoa cappuccino!

iphone by nikon 1 J2

My phone!!

typicalben starbucks by nikon 1 J2

Good quality shot even at night I must say! *claps*

Creative Mode shots:

The Nikon 1 J2 Camera also comes with fun creative modes for you to play with while taking pictures! So I'm going to show you guys some of the creative mode that I played with! :D

panorama shot 2 by nikon 1 J2

First up! The Easy Panorama function!

panorama shot by nikon 1 J2

We really had fun playing with it and it's so easy to use!

night landscape by nikon 1 J2

Next is the Night Landscape function!

soft creative mode by nikon 1 J2

How about the Soft function! Look how pretty the flower becomes!
Can be used for self-shot too! I think many girls would love it!

grass by nikon 1 J2

The Selective Colour function!

Motion Snapshot:

This functions brings photographs which freezes in time to life! What it means and what is it for?

I think it's super great for baby shots, dancing, concert, pets etc! Because as we know still photos cannot record movement and video might be too large in size sometimes, so motion snapshot give you still photo that comes to life!!! So it's same as how you use Smart Photo Selector function, where you half-press the shutter button and press it only when you want to capture it! Then tadah!!!~~~

Let me show you an example of what I capture with my Cookie Monster below:

Another better example will be this! Where we attended the Nikon workshop the other day:

I can foresee this is a really really really good function to record babies and pets!!!! I can't wait to use this to take shots of my cutest cousin baby Lucas lor, but I never had the chance to see him until now at all (I've been so busy with school), so I cannot take and show you guys! :( So sad, I miss him so much please!!!

And for Nikon 1 J2 Camera, apart from the silver one that I'm holding... they also comes in 5 other different colours! So in total there is 6 colours for you to choose from!!! They have orange colour too you know!!!

nikon J2 colours

The different colours that Nikon 1 J2 comes in to suit your personality!

So if you want to know more information or details of Nikon 1 J2, you can go to to check them out!
And you can also check out their other Nikon 1 camera series too!!! Have fun!! ;)


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  1. Anonymous5:14 pm

    u live around bukit panjang area ah???!!!

  2. may I know what's the current camera that you're using?:)

  3. may I know what's the current camera that you're using?:)

  4. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Your bag looks so unique. Where did you get it?