Very happy with my exams results!

May 30, 2013

As I'm writing this, I'm on my bed typing on my phone because I'm feeling pretty weak and drowsy!

So yes, I fell sick yesterday and after I went to the doctor, took the medication and it makes me really drowsy so I literally slept the whole day. Anyway, my exams results are out today!! When I was still sleepy and drowsy early in the morning, I used my phone to check my results and guess what!!!!

It was a really good news but I was too sick to feel any excitement at that point of time! :/

But I'm feeling the excitement and happiness now as I'm typing this! Yeah, the good news is that I pass all of my modules and not only that, I got distinction for all of my modules that I took for this semester!!! This is the first time I've gotten distinction for all my modules so I'm pretty proud of myself and happy!! :D

I feel like all my hard work had paid off because all the intensive late night study with my friend over at Starbucks really didn't came to waste at all. Not forgetting the ridiculous cab fare I've to pay to go back home after studying over at town every night (usually we will study until 4am).

I'm someone who thinks that, it's okay if I waste these money and stuff, but as long as I get to pass my exams, it will be all worth it! Actually I didn't have much confidence for this semester because I didn't study as much as previous ones and I still went for a sponsored trip to Krabi & Phuket during my study break wtf. So all of my friends were like, "Are you crazy to go for holidays when exams is like on-going?"

Then I was telling myself, I'll take this as a short break for recharge, I'll still pass my exams in the end and I will study harder when I'm back from the trip. Although I was very worried for the results after finishing my exams papers as usual, I kinda forgotten about it as soon as I started my holidays hahaha!

So when I heard that our results were coming out, I really didn't want to check it because I still wanna enjoy my holidays and I'm scared that after checking and knowing my results I'll feel sad and cannot really enjoy my holidays anymore haha. But well, it's all good and happy now because I've gotten distinction for all the modules I took this semester and I'm really really proud of myself! Okay, am I repeating this sentence all over again? Hahaha! Sorry, pardon me I think it's because of the medication that I took lololol.

I mean some of you might think it's normal but I feel that it's something happy for me because I've never gotten all distinction for any semester during my university life before! Talking about university life, I'm going to be in the last semester soon! So if everything goes smoothly, I'll be able to graduate by end of this year!!!! Time really flies but I wish it slow down alittle starting from now..... *wonder what to do after I graduated* ........ *wonder if I can be a full time blogger* ..... *time please just go slower, thank you*

Anyway, I'm writing this because I wanna tell all of you guys who are reading this to not give up in your studies and whatever you are doing. Especially studies! Don't give up because you gotten a lousy grade or because you always fail certain module/subject but continue to work hard!

Sometimes, I feel that working hard is not enough, you got to study smart as well. Plan your time properly and plan how you wanna study! And always believe in yourself and have positive thoughts! :D I'll be here supporting you guys like how you all always supported me! So don't give up yeah!! Okay, I shall go sleep now! The effect from the medication is kicking in again.....


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  1. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Be a full time blogger please!