Chilling over at East Coast Park

June 16, 2013

Just some pictures of me that I took over at East Coast Park the other day! :D

Took a cab down there supposingly to accompany Esther for event but in the end we didn't went for it, so we took few pictures there before going for dinner since I already wasted the money and time to take a cab all the way from the west to the east hahaha tsk! Alright, I shall leave you guys with the pictures!

typicalben hair at east coast park

I kinda miss my ash blue hair!

typicalben selca at east coast park

Selca of the day!

typicalben at east coast park

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it's all that matters."

typicalben shot at east coast park

Not sure if my eyes were closed or it's too small lol!

typicalben photoshoot

Love this shot!!! :D

typicalben selca from top

And another selca from the top!

typicalben selca up view

"In a world where you can be anything you want, BE YOURSELF."


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  1. Dear ben, can blog about how you stlye your hair? Because your hair is awesome!! :)

  2. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Yoooo Benjaminnnnn, in my opinion, you actually need not to do a tutorial on how you style hair cuz I think it is pretty much based on skills and experience, right? Is like you style your hair more then you will improve one lolol. Besides that, I think it would be great if you can tell us how do you take care of your hair at home, like which hair products you use as conditioner, or any other little tips in having an awesome hair like yours, something along that line lah hahaha! Also, please do a blog post about your whole blogging life and what blogging actually brings to you! We readers want to know you more!:D