Wahlao I fell sick again!

June 18, 2013

Pardon me but here's just some rants about today......

Went to the doctor in the morning today because I was woken up from my sleep by the pain that was occurring inside my left ear. I immediately knew it was infection from the throat again because it happened before! :( So I decided to go to the doctor alone, since everyone was sleeping early in the morning.

Waited for more than 20 minutes for a cab outside the hazy weather together with sun totally makes me feel like my situation is gonna get worse, I tried to call for a cab but there are no cab available! After hopping onto the cab, and waited for close to 2 hours I finally seen the doctor! He told me it's acid reflux (胃酸倒流) again! The other time I went to see the doctor it's also the same problem of having acid reflux!

But I'm already having proper meals since then, so I don't know why it's happening again wtf.

And recently when I tried to spit out stuff, there are tiny traces of blood so it really worries me! So I told the doctor about it and he told me that the acid reflux already affects my whole throat and there are blood traces on my throat area or something like that, and the infection spreads to my ear already omg!

He then say that I've to take a better (more expensive) medication so as to allow my condition to get better and eventually recover. Before I left, he told me not to do any exercise, which struck me that I was supposed to meet weiliang for our first IPT session (some army realted stuff), and the first session of IPT we were supposed to take IPPT! Shit eh! So I told weiliang that I couldn't make it and we will just go this Thursday instead of today. Feel quite bad to delay and waste his time but I think it's also better for me not to exercise in this kind of weather because the haze might worsen my current condition.

Was really drowsy after taking the medication earlier (I think it's really strong) and I just woke up from nap and had dinner. Thank you guys so much for the concern over at Twitter, I'm feeling abit better now and I will recover really soon! Will blog another entry up in awhile if I'm not drowsy and didn't fall asleep! Please takecare of yourself people, drink loads and loads of water! Don't fall sick like me! :/


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  1. 儘量別喝含咖啡因的飲料哦~還有別吃太甜或太油的東西。而且切記別喝酸性飲料。不然裡頭的酸會刺激你的食道。最後睡覺時的姿勢記得別右側臥姿,不然會增加胃酸逆流的可能性哦。祝你早日康復。

    1. 感謝您的 advice! 我會注意的! :D

  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    aiyoh acid reflux is bad ): can i give you some advice...? if you normally have supper, dont go to bed right after having food! or even sleeping after eating any meal. if your stomach is still digesting food and you're lying down, chances are the acid from the process can go up your throat and you wont even know it! if you have acid reflux your stomach already has got a tendency to do that even if you're not lying down or anything. also try to cut down on caffeinated drinks and rich food for a while... drinking more water helps too! hopefully these little tips help you.. ermmm hope i don't sound naggy or like know-it-all ah... dislike seeing people having to suffer from it cos i have it myself and it's really not fun. omg my comment getting abit long lolol. okay hope you get well real quick!! please feel better soon.. (:

    1. Thanks for the advice! I greatly appreciate it and I'll take note for sure! I think I always sleep after eating supper, maybe that's the reason! :( Thanks again! :D

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    I can't really give advices like the others , but get well soon !(: heard about one of the symptoms where you might feel a burning sensation at your throat when you burp sometimes , so please do take care ^^

  4. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Get 抗酸茶 from the supermarket.