Let's have some Mexican food

June 30, 2013

Hello everyone!!! :D So yesterday I was really bored at home and got nothing to do, then I decided to record an instavideo (for those who haven't seen it, you can watch it here) and it awesomely made it to the popular page yay hahaha!! Super love all my Instagram followers!!! Follow me there if you haven't k!!!!

But the thing is that, I didn't shave my moustache and I took the video with it HAHAHAHA!

So what you saw in the video is how I really look at home without anything on my face, not even contact lens! Ran accused me of putting make up and wearing contact lens in the video, is he crazy??!! I swear I won't be so diligent to do so, unless it's for photoshoots or events. Somemore I was at home not intending to go out last night, though in the end I did lah... went to catch a late night movie with Ting and Zj.

Thus I conclude..... everyone loves me in moustache right!!! HAHAHAHA! Okay, or maybe not.

Maybe you guys love it when I spin round and round in the video! I totally need to talk about the spinning thing because I kinda risk my life to do the "spinning round and round effect" when taking the instavideo!! I seriously almost fainted and puke!! Because I tried doing it for 5 times and the one you see was the 5th shot already. The first 4 I didn't really like it, so I keep retaking and that's why I need to keep spinning!

To do the trick right, you need to spin first for like 5 seconds, until it's really fast then you can start to record it. So you imagine me keep spinning non stop lah, obviously I will feel super giddy and wanna puke! I kinda fell on my bed when I finish spinning for the 5th time because I was way too giddy and I really feel like puking wtf. I think I'm really risking my life for my social media accounts please! HAHAHA!

So please show me some love there ah!!!! I don't mind hugs and kisses though hahahaha!! :p

mexican restaurant haji lane

Met up with Minting and Chinhao recently and we decided to had Mexican food!

mexican restaurant haji lane singapore

typicalben minting chinhao mexican restaurant

Three of us with the menu while deciding what to eat! And after getting some recommendations from the staff there, we then decided to try some of their popular dishes!

alambre chorizo

Alambre Chorizo! Which taste kinda like our chinese fried spring roll lol!

tacos de camarones

Tacos De Camarones!

tacos de camarones 2

The tortillas which we will be rolled around the fillings!

tacos de camarones together

Yum yum! It's pretty delicious! :D

chicken adobado

Chicken Adobado!

fresh guacamole with chips

Then we also decided to order this Fresh Guacamole with Chips because we saw almost everyone there eating it and it's like so fun because we get to grind and make it ourselves too!

guacamole with chips avocado

Awesome that all ingredients are fresh! First we need to smash up the avocado!

guacamole with chips avocado smashed

Chinhao doing the work while I take pictures hahahaha!

guacamole with chips fresh veg

Then add in all these freshly chopped veg!

guacamole with chips fresh veg grind

Yes, gonna grind and smashed them up before the last step.....

guacamole with chips juice

Adding the lime/lemon juice!!

guacamole with chips

And it's done!!! It taste really good leh!!!

min ting mexican restaurant

See Minting enjoying it hahaha!

typicalben mexican restaurant haji lane

Group picture as we were about to leave the restaurant! :D

bar haji lane

Heading for a drink while we chill and chit chat!

drinks haji lane

Yay our drinks is here! Guess which is mine! :p

minting typicalben chilling

Minting and me!

minting chinhao chilling

Minting and Chinhao!

It was an awesome night because we really had a good chat and time passes really fast! We shared our opinions and views on alot of things and also what we gonna do in the future etc. Both of them are kinda the only poly mates that I'm still pretty close with until now! The rest we kinda drifted apart already! :(

For those who have been reading my blog since my poly days, you would have known I'm really close to Lindy but we kinda didn't contact much and drifted apart because I think we have different priorities in life and focus on different things, but I really still do miss the days I spent with her as it was really fun!

typicalben minting chinhao chilling

Alright, ending off this entry with another group a picture of us! :D


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  1. You look like Lucas on your last photo in this post! Oh and where's the ducky sticker you pasted on your phone?

  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Where is the restauraunt? Name? :)

  3. http://typicalben.blogspot.com/2007/05/blog-post.html

    Read this old post of yours and I think this is the best memories that you had with Lindy, when both of you can act silly like nobody's business together. Seriously, I think Lindy is a keeper, someone who knows you, accept you, be together with you when you are nobody, and love you inside out.