Usual catch up with bffs, Fingers!

July 02, 2013

Gonna blog before I get my lazy ass out of my chair and head downstairs to buy food! :D

But it seems like it's gonna rain though, but I still must go buy food because there's nothing at home for me to eat! Anyway, met up with my bffs, Fingers to nearby mall to have dinner and our usual catch up!

typicalben selfie at korean restaurant

Having Korean food which I super love!

ting and angie

Ting and Angie!

typicalben and kx

Me and..... wait for it...... princess Kx! Hahaha!
All the pictures we took like not nice eh, so I had to make her to become a princess!

kimchi soup with rice

My kimchi soup with rice! :D

typicalben candid

Yay! I finished it pretty quickly!

typicalben eating korean food

Hahaha posing for pictures although I already finished it lol!

typicalben fingers

Group picture of Fingers! My forever and ever best friends!

typicalben home selfie

Took a selfie when I got home that day which I also posted on Instagram too! And I also posted one selfie on Instagram on the day itself which I didn't post it on this entry, you can view it here!

Okay, I'm gonna go buy food already! Later I still must go take my first IPT - IPPT, omg so lazy and tired. But I have to go lah, if not Weiliang is going to kill me because I keep postpone it for weeks already hahaha! Aiya, I think I go shower first before I go buy food. Omg blabbering too much nonsense, k bye!


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  1. Where is this Fingers?

  2. Anonymous2:03 am

    where did u have korean food at? is it good?

  3. This is at Manna Story @ JCube right? Love the food here! The Kimchi chigae especially :D