Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 7 & 8

June 03, 2013

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Okay fine, so I finally got my lazy ass back to edit the pictures and continue to blog about my Taiwan trip! I aim to complete blogging the whole trip by this week because I've been dragging it for way too long! Now I see my hair back then, I find it pretty hideous lolol. I don't really like it anymore, I don't know why!

Maybe I've just gone past the phase lol. I remember I used to love it alot, but now it's like.... erm... no please. Hahahaha! And I realise towards the end of the trip, all my face looks super swollen too! So not much of my camwhore shots can be use for Day 7 and Day 8 wtf, but don't you worry because there is alot of pictures of yummy food to make up for it! Or if you think that it's not tempting enough, I also have Ran's good looking pictures as well! Hahaha! Okay, so here you go! Our Day 7 and Day 8 over at Taipei.....

typicalben randy taipei

Woke up late as usual and off we go to have our first meal of the day!

taipei poster

Cute Taipei poster everywhere!

taipei afternoon tea 1

We went to try Afternoon Tea because I remember people telling me that it's pretty good, so I wanna try it! And the one we went to is over at Taipei City Hall, since we just stay right next to the train station!

taipei afternoon tea

It's like a very good place to chill with your friends over tea or coffee!

randy taipei afternoon tea

Ran ordering his food!

taipei afternoon tea view

Love the deco! Glad we had the outside "balcony" seats!

taipei afternoon tea flower

Lol a random shot of the flower that is on our table!

typicalben side taipei afternoon tea

How about a picture of me in this angle, which looks pretty much like a candid shot!

taipei afternoon tea soup

Food came! Soup and bread!

taipei afternoon tea main course

My main course!

taipei afternoon tea main course


typicalben eating at taipei afternoon tea main course

Me gobbling up the pasta because I was so so so hungry!

taipei afternoon tea dessert

Soufflé for dessert!! It's one of their recommendation and specialty! And at that time I still didn't have much love for soufflé yet! But I so wanna have Soufflé now now now now!!! Hahaha!

taipei afternoon tea dessert cake

We also had a slice of cake too!

typicalben at afternoon tea taipei

Slipping a cuppa of tea while using my phone lolol. Ah, this is life hahaha!

taipei bookstore

Went to Eslite (Xinyi Branch) to walk around afterwards!

shopping at taipei

Saw this cute section while shopping!

cute shopping taipei

But nope, we didn't bought anything from there hahaha!

benranaway tapei101

And when it's nearing night time, we head over to Taipei 101!

taipei 101

inside taipei 101

Was pretty disappointed because there's nothing much there at all and we refused to pay money to head up to observation deck lol. So we basically just roam around the mall and took some pictures!

typicalben at taipei101

Okay! Pretty much that's it for Tapei 101! :x

taipei ramen store

We then cab to Zhongxiao Fuxing area to have our dinner at this Japanese ramen store!

typicalben camwhore at ramen store

Selca while waiting for my ramen to arrive!

typicalben camwhore at ramen store 2

Another one!

taipei ramen

Ramen came!! It's super delicious and the portion is so big!!!

taipei ramen 2

Different soup based! Ran say he love their ramen alot because he think it's nice and filling!

taipei ramen egg

My egg!! I think most of you don't know, but I don't eat eggs that are sliced into half!

So I'll usually give my egg that are slice into half (in my ramen) to my friends or people who are eating with me! And after that I'll either order one full egg or I just eat the ramen without the eggs!

cap from taipei

Bought 2 New Era caps to end the night!

typicalben on taipei train

It's the 8th day over at Taipei and we took a train over to Dongmen Station to have Ding Tai Fung!

typicalben on taipei train 2

Love the cardigan! It's from Jipaban previously!

taipei ding tai fung  order list

Waiting for our table!

taipei ding tai fung

It's so packed even when it's not dinner time yet! Alot of tourists were there, especially Japanese!

randy taipei ding tai fung

Checking out what to eat again!

taipei ding tai fung   menu

All the different flavours of xiao long bao!

taipei ding tai fung noodles

My "zha jiang mian"!

taipei ding tai fung  fried rice

Seafood fried rice!

taipei ding tai fung bun bao

We ordered "bao" (buns) to try too! It is so good!

taipei ding tai fung bao bun

Another meat bao!

randy eating taipei ding tai fung

My cutest little brother!

taipei ding tai fung xiao long bao

Xiao long bao time! It taste so so so much better as compared to the ones in Singapore!

Actually basically everything we ate over at Taiwan's Ding Tai Fung taste alot better than the Ding Tai Fung we have in Singapore! No wonder the people over at Taiwan keep ask us to go try it! Really not bad!

taipei ding tai fung veg xiao long bao

Green spinach and shrimp xiao long bao!

taipei ding tai fung queue

The crazy queue when we left the place! Luckily we came earlier before the dinner crowd!

taipei streets

Random shot of the streets outside Ding Tai Fung!

taiwan mcdonalds  burger

After doing some mini shopping and walking around, we decided to have McDonald's for supper!

taiwan mcdonalds shaker fries

They have shaker fries too!!!

taipei mccrispy

And also McCrispy!!!! Omg I used to love it when they still have it in Singapore!!

taiwan taipei hello kitty stuff

Ending the entry with some of the buys of the day!! Hello Kitty stuff as gifts for friends!!

taiwan taipei phone covers

Phone covers!!!

taiwan taipei food

Not sure why I took this picture though, but I love their milk so much omg!

taiwan taipei cookie monster

And my Cookie Monster stuff which I got it from Taipei Main Station!


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  1. Anonymous12:37 am

    Randy is soooooo cute! :)

  2. Joyce1:49 am

    what camera are you using? thanks

  3. how much is the cookie monster pouch and pencil case?