Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 9

June 05, 2013

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This is the second last entry for Taiwan trip, another one more one to go before I finish blogging about the whole trip! Yay! Can't wait to update you guys on all the latest pictures that I took! :D

typicalben at taipei hi sushi drinking soup

Anyway, for the 9th day we went to had Japanese food because we had cravings for it!

hi sushi taiwan taipei

Some of the sushi that we had!

hi sushi food taiwan taipei

Not say very delicious, we should totally go have Sushi Express instead.


Ran with his new phone cover!

typicalben taipei hi sushi

Pretty much a candid shot as I look for more food at sushi conveyor belt hahaha!

typicalben at taipei hi sushi

*happy* :D

colourful tee from taipei

Wearing the top that I bought over at their Wu Fen Pu!

taipei roads and buildings

View from the train station as we set off to buy some local goodies for friends and relatives!

taipei roads pretty

Looks like a good view to do selca with and so we did it hahaha.....

typicalben randy with taipei streets 2

*since we are waiting for the train to arrive anyway*

typicalben randy with taipei streets

And another one lol!

typicalben with taipei roads at back

Me again!

randy at taipei train platfrom

Ran's individual shot! Hahaha!

typicalben at taipei train platfrom

And mine! Love this picture!

taipei bus

Ran wants to go to Chia Te Bakery to buy some pastry back for his friends and relatives!

So if you wanna go, you can take train to Nanjing East Road Station then take a bus there! But I would recommend you all just take a cab there because we kinda got lost on our way there wtf. It's quite confusing eh and at first we still thought it would be easy to find since most of the places at Taipei that we went before are super easy to find and really accessible by their train! Anyway cab are pretty cheap there so yeah!

taipei bus interior

On the bus to Chia Te Bakery!

But on the other hand it's also an experience for us to take their bus (rather than us keep cabbing all the time lol) since we haven't took it before for the whole trip! This our one and only time we took the bus and I must say the people there are all so polite and well-mannered! No pushing or squeezing etc.

taipei bus tap card

And I thought they work the same way as how Singapore ez-link system works, so I went to tap when I board the bus and then the bus driver told me to only tap when I alight the bus lolol!
So we don't need to tap when boarding the bus at all, so paiseh!

chia te taipei

After much walking, we arrived!!

buys from chia te taipei

Ran bought quite alot! And we squeezed it into 2 big bag!

chia te taipei dorayaki -

Bought dorayaki for myself too!

pretty view of taipei city hall

Back to Taipei City Hall area for dinner!

taipei milk king drinks

Went to try this Taipei Milk King restaurant!

taipei milk king food 2

The food just normal but we were just looking for quick bite!

taipei milk king food

Baked penne pasta!

typicalben scratching his lips

Random photo of us in the toilet!

buildings taipei

Went to walk around again!

pink Christmas tree at taipei

And we saw this pink Christmas tree (it was nearing Christmas the other time)!

typicalben randy pink christmas tree taipei

Both of picture with it! Hahaha!

Cold Stone Creamery christmas flavour taipei

Went to have icecream that the flavours are specially out only during Christmas season too!

Cold Stone Creamery taipei

Here's our icecream with hot tea/coffee -_- Hot and cold at the same time hahaha!


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  1. Just wanna say, you really deserve the fame you have right now, cuz when I view your pictures on your blog, all I can see is hard work. effort and improvement post by post! Keep it up, Bentoh!

  2. Food porn! Looks so yummy >.<

    PS: Where's the follow button for this blog? :0

  3. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Hi Ben,
    Do you know where randy got his grey top from?