And the school starts....

July 29, 2013

I feel so guilty because since the school started I already skipped 3 lesson (until now there's only 6 lesson), so which means I skipped half of the lesson lol kuazhang! But it's all overseas lecturer, so it's not that bad! I won't anyhow skip when it's local lecturer already, I promise! If not you all can scold me! Hahaha!

Anyway took some pictures after lesson the other day, and thanks to jingjing for always helping me to take my ootd (and get scolded by me sometimes lolol is joking one la!) when there's school hahaha!

typicalben outdoor shoot

All the pictures turns out to be very pretty! Yay! :D


Took this shot myself, it's a selfie shot! Doesn't look like it right? :p

typicalben outdoor ootd

Ootd! Top from Springfield which I gotten it during sales period!

typicalben outdoor

One last one!

typicalben with friends in school

With some of my uni mates after lesson! Where are you Stanley!
Thus it makes me the flower (with fat face) among the thorns hahahahaha!

soup spoon

Head over to JEM to have lunch!

typicalben h&m

Did some shopping at H&M too! But didn't managed to buy anything though! :/

typicalben h&m 2

Patiently waiting for my friends to try their clothes over at the fitting room!

zj kx jap

Went to meet bffs, Zj and Kx for dinner afterwards!!!

bacon bbq

Yums yums yums!

bacon bbq 2

I love baconnnn! Hahahaha!

japanese bibimbap

Horrible bibimbap I ever had! Maybe because it's Japanese style one!

Okay, I've to go to post office to collect my passport already! So lazy to head out in this good weather, I just wanna lie down on my bed the whole day! Omg but cannot I think I'm going to go for a run again tonight! My IPPT until now haven't go take wtf. Okay I'll blog tomorrow! Bye everyoneeeeee!:D


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