Sometimes I really dislike the feeling of falling in love

July 28, 2013

Sometimes I really dislike the feeling of falling in love with someone.

You know the feeling when you care so much for someone and get easily affected by someone, even though the person is not even your whoever yet? Like you guys are not even together or something.

I guess I'm someone whom I get emotionally attached easily when I found someone that is right.

By the meaning of "someone that is right" basically means the feelings is right and when I can communicate and click off with the other party. I'm not sure whether most of you guys are like this, but I think for myself, it's pretty hard to actually find someone whom I'm able to click and communicate with and have endless things to talk about, no awkward silence in-between conversations and phone calls will last for few hours when we thought it's just mere few minutes since we started talking.

And on top of that, looks that also attracts me. Doesn't mean they have to be really good looking in people's eyes, but just in my eyes is enough. Usually looks doesn't matter much because without all the feelings and communication, it's still hard to fall in love with that person. Purely liking someone because of their looks doesn't last in a relationship. Looks can fade, they will eventually grow old (like you and me do) and what stays throughout is the feelings both party had and character of the person.

I find it sad that some people either find their "potential" partner based on looks or either that wealth.

Many people are looking for partner because they are rich, and can afford to fetch them around in cars and buy them stuff that they want. Or not, having a good looking partner so they can flaunt and show off to their friends. When there are no true feelings involved, and I'm someone who is not like this. I can't.

I rather have someone whom I can truly say I love, not because of their looks or anything.

But for who they are.

Yet somehow I still "hate" the feeling when you starts to fall in love or like someone.

When you're not even sure whether the other party is seriously interested in you, even though you think they are interested (if not why those endless phone calls and text or even sweet talks). When you're not sure whether they are just playing or being serious with you, even when they say they are. When you're not sure whether did they also say the same things to other people as well and not just only you.

And also when you get so affected because they suddenly didn't reply your text. And you keep on checking for it and waiting for their reply. Then suddenly you started thinking about all the nonsensical stuff, like whether they are not interested in you anymore or why they didn't reply. Yeah, stuff like that...

When they also can easily affect your mood by the words they said to you. Which I hate it.

We are usually a very happy person but because liking or falling in love with someone unknowingly changes your mood so drastically. It just couldn't be help or control. Yes, you can minimise this to a certain extent but you can't avoid this because you will only feel this way when you really care and like someone.

You won't feel this way if the person is not important to you. You won't feel this way to a random stranger on the streets, don't you. It's only because this person is special to you and you have feelings for them.

But does that mean you shouldn't fall in love with someone because of all these?

We definitely can't control all these feelings at all, of falling in love with someone and getting affected by them. And I think it's part and a package of falling in love and liking someone. It's only when you realise thst you like someone, and only then you will feel this way. Which in fact, it's a great thing.

Although I mentioned earlier that I get emotionally attached to someone easily but it's really really really hard for me to find someone who I can get emotionally attached to, or to find someone I like.

What about you? Don't you guys also feel this way sometimes too?


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  1. Anonymous4:57 pm

    I don't dislike the feeling whereas I feel happy to love the person even if the person don't feel the same way as I do because having the chance to know this person is already a bless :)

  2. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Who is the lucky guy?

  3. I can definitely relate to you Ben, I've gone through it so many times and I have a feeling I'm gonna go through all that this time again. It sucks real bad when you think you had a shot but actually you didn't, our mind tend to fantasizes everything when we are in love. All the best to you regardless, hwaiting!

  4. Omg I totally understand everything you said! Sometimes sucks how one person can control your mood and either make your day or spoil it. Don't worry you're not alone in having these thoughts/feelings!

  5. Anonymous7:58 pm

    I've been through all that so I know how you feel. There may be a lot of doubt and uncertainties as to the other person's feelings, and this whole thing can be torturous. However, this feeling you have is also precious. There are not many people in the world for whom you can feel this way so treasure it and be patient. When the time is right, I think you should let her know how you feel. Don't fear rejection. From what you've said, it does sound like she may feel the same. So don't let this relationship go to waste.

  6. 希望你能快點找到一個愛你的男人。

  7. I know how it feels. My advice is just follow the flow. Sometimes, it is like riding a roller coaster. Whether you want to be scared or having fun, it is your decision.

  8. I know how it feels. My advice is just follow the flow. Sometimes, it is like riding a roller coaster. Whether you want to be scared or having fun, it is your decision.

  9. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Omg is it eddee ?

  10. Anonymous1:03 am

    I'm totally right in your shoes. I've been talking to this particular right person (in your definition) every night till late night. Everything stops when I was a week away from my exams (which I thought he decided to ignore me just so that I could focus to study). One day before my exams, he left to Australia for studies. After one month, still, we didn't talked. I just felt that it's so wasted. Having someone to talk every night, someone who I always turn to first, someone who concerns you. Sorry, ranting my story.

  11. Emotion is always flowing like a roller coaster ride. There's no control but never let it affect one too negatively.

    Life ain't a bed of roses so does love.
    If one means to belong to you, he or she will always be there. If no, let him or her go. Love ain't all about owning but also letting go.

    1 day you'll understand... (^_-)