Going floral + random updates

July 06, 2013

Hello everyone!!! I'm staying home for these few days because of my ear and last night the ringing sound kept waking me up from my sleep, that's how disturbing it is. Same goes to earlier in the afternoon, when I was napping lor. But suddenly, it was okay after I had my lunch, there is no ringing sound already. Please please please stay this way, everyone please pray for me because I'm finishing the medication already. I don't wanna go back to the doctor again. I wanna get well and I promise to behave and stay healthy!

Anyway, school is starting this coming Monday for me!!! So fast!! It's my last semester already!!!

Talking about school, I met up with jingjing the other day to shop (if you didn't see the link, she's my current uni mate haha)! And it's really funny because everytime we meet to do shopping right, it's either she bought many stuff and I bought nothing or I bought many stuff and she bought nothing lol. So this time round, I managed to buy quite abit of new clothes at sales price and she bought nothing hahaha! :D

typicalben jj

Me with JJ! Lolol both of us look so student-ish with our backpacks!

typicalben ootd

OOTD - The floral button shirt that I'm wearing is from Aeropostale!

typicalben flower print shirt ootd

Love this candid ootd shot!

jingjing with food

Had early dinner before we start to shop!

jing jing with food

JJ with her food hahahahaha! Love her expression! :')

jap food

Might look delicious, but it's just... meh~

typicalben with food

Here's me while I'm eating lol!

jap food 2

Yeah, mine was pretty meh~ as well lol.


Soufflé which is also super meh~ Probably one of the worst I had. :/

cute blonde guy iphone cover

Was using this cute blonde boy iphone cover from covermybagel before I stick on my cute yellow duck sticker on my phone (removing it soon cause I'm bored of it already)! The quality of the cover is really good with smooth matte finishing! Most likely I'll use it back since I didn't use it much the other time!


Went to find my stylist Jerry to trim my hair again! Recently I want my hair to be short and neat!


Products that are gonna be used for my hair treatment later!


And here's me doing hair treatment!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
Tel: +65 6238 0226


salad typicalben

Ending off the entry with this salad I had during the haze period lol.
I love to eat salad actually, it's also good lah, healthy too! I should totally eat more!

Alright, gonna go have my early dinner already! I don't know why but I think taking the medication makes me hungry easily! Oh anyway, I might also be posting up some instavideo later on my Instagram too! Lololol kinda addicted to it already! Do follow me there if you haven't (user: typicalben)! Bye! :D


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