Meet up with Chinhao & Minting again!

July 07, 2013

School officially starts tomorrow for me!!! Gonna go sleep early later, not because of school but I'm really trying to change my sleeping habit and not to sleep so late (by late I mean in the morning) anymore!

Anyway, I wanna thank all the people who email me or left comments on my blog regarding my ringing ear issue! Really appreciate you guys sharing me tips/experience and the genuine concern from you guys, I really feel very blessed. And it's not just the recent ear issue but also previously my acid reflux as well! I actually learn and understand how to prevent it from happening again by you guy, it's really awesome.

I mean, I know all along you guys have been always doing that, always concern about me and always dropping me comments or emails when I face certain issues but just wanna say how much I appreciate all these small little thoughts and actions of yours which I will never ever take it for granted. :')

I'm really getting super emotional now, so I better stop. If not later I'll cry lol. I better leave this kind of emotional thankful post next time which is specially dedicated for you guys. Now it's time for pictures!!

typicalben minting

Met up with Chinhao and Minting again to somehow "celebrate" Minting's belated birthday but we just went to had a simple dinner n the end. Here's me and Minting over at Yomenya Goemon!

chinhao with jap spag

And here's Chinhao!

I must say I really love their spaghetti cause it's so good, at least for mine! And I'll sure go back to try more of their other flavours of spaghetti! Plus their price is really reasonable too (less than $20 without set)!

Shrimp, Bacon & Sausage

Minting's Shrimp, Bacon & Sausage Spaghetti!

Roast duck, Hon Shimeji & Welsh Onions

Chinhao's Roast duck, Hon Shimeji & Welsh Onions Spaghetti!

Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon & Potato

Mine which I super loveeeeeeeee!!!! :D It's really very nice leh!
Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon & Potato!!

typicalben with jap spag

Me with my yummy spaghetti!

For those who wanna know, the outlet of Yomenya Goemon we went to is over at The Star Vista! I did tried their spaghetti too and I think Chinhao's one is okay only and as for Minting's one is also quite nice!

Yum yum.... I'm getting hungry now already! Hahahaha!

chinhao minting typicalben group shot 2

Went over to some cafe to chill and take pictures!

chinhao minting typicalben group shot

Love this shot! We all look so happy! :D

chinhao minting typicalben

As usual we chatted till really late and then we cab back home! I'm meeting them again end of this month to celebrate Chinhao's birthday! Hahahaha! Alright, I'm going to shower then sleep already! Nights!


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  1. How did you get the ringing to stop? Mine came back T.T