Kx's convocation

July 22, 2013

nus convocation

Went for bff, Kx's convocation few weeks back! So proud of her! :')

kx nus graduation

All of us felt super touched and nervous while waiting for her turn! We also screamed really loud for her when it's her turn to be up on the stage! Hahaha that's what best friends are for right!

fingers nus graduation

Family photo! ♥

typicalben kx

With Kx, the second one among us to graduate from uni! :D

typicalben nus graduation bear 2

Selfie shot with the Kx's graduation bear hahaha!

typicalben nus graduation bear

Another one!

jap food

Went to have lunch afterwards! Jap food again omg.

typicalben minion

With Angie's minion toy!!!! It's so cute wtf.

typicalben minion 3

I wanted to buy but I couldn't get hold of any because it's like sold out at all the mcdonalds outlets right after it came out for few hours! Everyone is queuing even before it starts selling! Crazy!

Took a video of it on my Instagram as well! For those who haven't watch it, here you go!
But I'm totally judging you for not following me there! Hahahaha! :p

typicalben minion 2

"Bananaaaa! Potato-naaaa!"


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