4 selca, 4 selca, 4 selca okay

July 23, 2013

Hello!! I just got back home from filming some online show and also removing my mole!!!

Will talk about the mole in another proper full entry! Anyway, just now right I was so angsty with regards to some stuff and it's been so long since I ever felt so angst. Arghhhh!! But I feel so much better now! I can never feel angry or sad for long one. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I think it's good! Hahaha!

MOVING ON.... I'm gonna post some pictures and also, 4 selca of me which I think will be too gay for some people's eyes HAHAHAHAA. Due to the bright lightening over at the restaurant, my selca pictures turns out to be really bright and white lol (okay lah, plus abit of editing also). But seriously, I don't really care what people gonna say anyway. My face is born like that, I cannot change it also. Period.

Cause whatever it is, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love lolololololol! :'D

And I love people who loves me but I also extend the love to haters as well. Hahaha! Now I sound like I have alot of haters, but in actual fact I don't have lah siao. Surely got some, but not alot hello! I got (alot alot alot) more people who love me okay! Hahahaha! Buay paiseh time! Thank you for loving me ah! :D

typicalben selca 3

Okay lai! Here you go, selca shot number 1!

typicalben selca 2

And selca shot number 2! I love this shot!

typicalben selca 4

Selca shot number 3!

typicalben selca 1

Last one, selca shot number 4!

Okay good, you survived my selca shot and now some food pictures for you! Hahaha! Went out with mummy the other day to IMM for shopping (omg I seriously bought alot of stuff there, everything is too cheap already) and we ended off the day with dinner before heading home! Yums! :D

mummy food

Mummy! Omg her hair is abit messy but nevermind lah hor.

And for the record, I purposely type it like that. It's not because I don't know how to type proper in English or in proper sentence okay. I JUST WANT TO TYPE IN SINGLISH CANNOT IS IT.


Sesame seeds that we are supposed to grind and add sauce for our food later!


Shredded cabbage!

typicalben food

Food came! Wooooo!

jap fried food 2


jap fried food

Mine! Omg it's so fried, I very long never eat fried stuff liao!

gren tea icecream

Green tea icecream as dessert!

And that's the end of the entry! Sorry if I sounded abit angst suddenly lolol earlier. But I just cannot stand it when people keep correcting my English when I purposely want to type it in Singlish okay! Annoyed! Hahahaha! Okay, I actually think my angstiness didn't go away lolololol! I go eat dinner already! :D


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  1. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Yeap, Ben, type in Singlish then we Singaporean will feel more related to one! It's good to see that you kinda expressed your stand in this blog post, cuz it's been such a long time since you do so. How to put this, hmmm, we readers want to know how you feel and your views on some particular matter, apart from your beautiful pictures. By having outstanding pictures and good looking face couldn't get you that far Ben,you have to voice out your own thoughts and being bitchy sometimes lolol that's the time you will become influential, like XiaXue.

  2. Foodddddd... wait you mean there's Saboten @ IMM??? :OOOOOO
    I only know millenium walk and Changi Airport T1 (I think) has it.... *___________*

    Okaii, bit out of topic from your post.
    I guess its how you wanna express yourself, if those hates hate the fact you type in Singlish, then its a bit irony that they are still reading your blog... XD I'm sure readers will still love reading your post regardless of how you express yourself.