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August 12, 2013

Hello!!! :D I've been really lazy these few days, not doing any work (be it blog or school related) but watching MasterChef Season 4 and ANTM Cycle 20 whenever I'm free or either that, going out to chill with my friends! Hahahaha! I think the only thing that I'm hardworking at, is updating my Instagram hahahaha! But today I'm going to try to complete my school assignment after I blog finish this entry wooohooo!

Just gonna leave you guys with some picturesssssssssssssssssssssssssss okay! :D

typicalben candid smile

Went to meet Isaac to chill the other day and took some photos after that! Really love this candid shot of me bursting into laughter! I swear it's really natural and not posing for the camera hahaha!

typicalben dope cap 2

I miss my thick hair already! :/ Yes, I recently went to cut my hair!

benranaway tote bag

Was using #BenRanAway tote bag that day! :D
Cute right! Only me and Ran has it! MOP specially printed it for us!

typicalben dope cap

*wide smile with mouth closed* :)

typicalben blur

Accidental shot!

The video Isaac took for me that day on Instagram! For those who haven't watch it, here you go!

starbucks drink singapore

Starbucks! :D

typicalben iphone case

Yay show you guys my new phone case from covermybagel, I love it because the quality is really good like it's not those rubbery kind which will be very loose on your phone! It fits tightly and nicely!


Can go check them out at for their full range of new collection!


Japanese spaghetti for dinner again! Yum yum!

lobster bisque spaghetti

Mine!!! Lobster bisque spaghetti!

typicalben chilling

Brought my lappy out to do some work and at the same time chill! :D


Drinks! Avocado vanilla milkshake for me!


Duck confit pie for my early supper! Hahaha!

Okay, I go do my school assignment already! I'll blog again tomorrow okay? :D Byeeeeeeeee!


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  1. Anonymous7:58 pm

    OMG i am watching ANTM20 too!!! who do u like?

  2. Anonymous11:17 pm

    hi... where can i watch antm cycle 20?

  3. Anonymous12:43 am

    Love your shades! :O
    Where are they from?

  4. Where you watch antm from??? Antm is my fav show! ...some parts were removed from youtube..o.0