It's mummy birthday today

August 13, 2013

Wooohooooo!!!!! Happy birthday to my dearest mummy!!!!!!! ♥

It's my mum's birthday today and we are going out to have a simple dinner later! And by simple, I mean it's a really simple dinner cause we are gonna have porridge lololol (but is yummy one lah). But who cares as long as we are all having it together as a family right? No matter how expensive or exquisite the cuisine are, eating without the people you love on your birthday will be really boring and not delicious at all!

And anyway, if you didn't realise (which is fairly impossible).... I've change my blog banner!!!!!!!

I'm getting super super sick of my previous blog banner because it's getting really old, as in the picture that is being used! It's like 2 years ago one!!! I also don't look like that anymore, plus I also don't have blonde hair too! Hahaha! Although I think I might be going blonde again soon!!!!! What do you all think???

all day breakfast

Brunch with bff, Zj weeks back! :D

all day breakfast

Non stop having breakfast menu for our brunch and dinner lol!

typicalben zj

With Zj! And we stopped halfway over at a overhead bridge to snap pictures lololol!

typicalben on bridge


yummy chicken

Dinner time! I'm having this roasted chicken with mushroom chardonnay sauce!

zj dinner

Zj and his love for croissant...

I know all my entries are pretty short lately and nothing much is happening to me lololol.. MUNDANE LIFE CAN ANOT. So I got nothing to rant about or many pictures to post up!! But who knows, my life might just get exciting starting from tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, my room is super messy!!! I'm so lazy to pack!!! My whole table is like piling up with tons and tons of random stuff! HELP!!! :(

Okay fine. I'll blog again tomorrow! Let me know if you guys want me to blog about any stuff yeah!


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  1. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Can you blog about your hotel trip? Where you uploaded pictures of you in the hotel room and such!

  2. The food in your post looks so yummy !! Hahaha ! Anyhow, I think blonde hair is cool ! (:

  3. Any stuff we want to read? Really? I got some lists for you and by blogging them I am sure you will become a hot topic in blogosphere.

    1) Your love life(By far we only know Xin Hui, oh, or maybe Eddee), not necessarily want to know who is your partner, but just how's the life of leading a lifestyle which is not conformed with the social norm.

    2) What's in my... kind of blog post. You can do what's in my bag as you always bring it outside and so we are curious about what's inside.

    3) Some tutorials like hairstyling, mobile pictures editing, stuff like that.

    4) A recap of your blogging life, like period of ups and down and your sincere thoughts about your future.

    5) Un-private all of your videos or make them unlisted and put them in an entry. Though some of them might look weird, but it's still you after all.