My iPhone lightning cable is spoilt again

September 27, 2013

And again and again and again and again! :(

So my original iPhone lightning cable that comes together when I buy my iPhone 5 is spoilt after few months of usage and I don't know why because I never really misuse it or anything! I just put it at home to charge and it just suddenly just spoils like that. WHAT. TOO MUCH. And not just happen to me but all my friends around me, also telling me that their original lightning cable spoils easily too!

So I thought to myself.... since the original cable spoils so easily then nevermind lah, I'll just go and buy the 3rd party cable (which are not obviously not original)! It is much much cheaper than the original cable and if it is spoilt then I won't feel so annoyed because it doesn't cost that much.

And since then, I think I've already bought like close to 10 3rd party cable already and what's ridiculous is the recent one that I bought in school, spoils within ONE day of usage! Omg crazy or what.


My first 3rd party lightning cable in orange (usually I buy them in white, at beads street you know!) and it spoils within a day! -_- And it's more expensive than the ones that I usually buy! Somebody please tell me the reason is not because it is in orange lololol (joke! okay, not funny but anyways.......)!

So in conclusion to all these useless/lame rants...... I HAVE DECIDED TO GO BUY AN ORIGINAL CABLE FROM APPLE STORE TOMORROW OR SOMETHING!

Because right now I don't have any cable to charge my phone!!! And luckily one of them is still functioning BUT only when it's connected to my portable charger! Which means I can only use my portable charger to charge my phone and not the AC adapter! Crazy! So yeah, gonna go buy it tomorrow lol!

End of my redundant and pointless rants! Just because I feel like blogging today hahahaha!

typicalben hair

Dinner with Rachell after filming with her the other day! She took this shot without me knowing and turns out to be very nice omg. The colours of my hair here is so..... awe-some! Hahahaha!

pasta jap

Jap pasta again! Yum yum! I'm hungry now!

typicalben blue hair fades

Hair colour fades to turquoises which is quite sometime back already! Now my hair is in green with slight purple! I'm gonna go touch up my hair colour soon! So excited!!! :D

Just realise I haven't post up this video up on my blog yet! It's a video where me and Ran sings to Kpop songs! So for those who didn't watch it yet, here you go! And for those who already watched it, you still can watch it again (I feel it's worth watching at least 500 times lol)! HAHAHAAHA!

Okay, gonna go see what food I can grab at home because I'm hungry now and nobody is at home except me! Maybe I'll call for delivery or maybe I'll make some food myself. I don't know! Bye!


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  1. Love your hair, good boy and beautiful blog! 💙 xoxo Donny

  2. Mannn, that pasta just made me hungry! =)
    Avoid buying non-Apple cable wires for your gadget - months ago, an iPhone exploded due to cheap wire and charger.