Some pictures from London sent via Whatsapp

September 26, 2013

I'm so jealous, so so jealous! And after you see all the pictures from this entry, you will know why! As you all know, Ran is over at London now for his school exchange he have been constantly sending me pictures thru whatsapp when he's there! So he have been snapping and showing me the place, things that he wanna buy for me, random interesting stuff and of course, pictures of himself hahahaha!

So I was thinking, okay lah maybe I can post some pictures that he sent to me up here! But I'm not going to post all, just some because I'm sure he would love to update you guys with all the pictures when he's back or something! So yeah, here you go... pictures from London sent via Whatsapp lolol!

pictures from london 16

Typical plane shot! Pretty still!

pictures from london 15

Omg you see!! So nice!! I think it's their subway or something right?! I can totally foresee myself taking tons of pictures if I am the one there! Such a nice background for ootd shots hahahaha!

pictures from london 14

What. This is so beautiful (even though he just anyhow snap it)!

pictures from london 13

Just a random H&M building that he sent me.

pictures from london 12

Stop it. I wanna go already omggggg.

pictures from london 11

He saw this and told me he's going to get it for me! Hahahaha!

pictures from london 10

So cutez! The dog looks so grumpy whereas the owner like so happy himself loll!

pictures from london 9


pictures from london 8

Random tote bag that he bought which he think it's very nice!

pictures from london 7

Bottega Veneta bracelets! Should I ask him to help me get one? :/

pictures from london 6

Lol he also send me this Cookie Monster slippers socks and asked whether I want them. Omg no, stop! Too much of Cookie Monster and this is pretty useless to me, so..... no I don't want hahaha!

pictures from london 5

He said it's some famous Chinese restaurant and the food is damn good!

pictures from london 4

One of his breakfast!

pictures from london 3

View from his room! SO NICE OKAY!

pictures from london 2

Yay he bought this laptop sleeve for me! I wanted him to get me like Marc Jacobs or something but I found out that it's more expensive there! But this looks not bad and cheaper too (than MJ)!

pictures from london 1

Percy pig cakes lololol! Cutez!

pictures from london

He send me this telling me he saw this but I already have it so yeah... Hopefully the new perfume launch in UK before he fly back, so he can help me to get it hahahaha!

Omg after viewing all these pictures, don't you feel like you wanna go London too? I always wanted to go there and I know that I will next time in the future! The country is like so beautiful! O.O


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  1. which part of london is he in now? maybe i can pay him a visit! hehe

  2. Randy is so so lucky! Wanna go there as well!