More of the first version of my rainbow/paddle pop hair!

November 06, 2013

Just came back home after doing my hair over at Cleo Hair & Make, I went to lighten it to brown BECAUSE I don't like myself having black hair! Although everyone told me it is super dark brown, but the shade of the dark brown is like black seriously. So after doing the black hair for the TVC shoot, I decided to lighten my hair to brown! :D Probably I'll change to blue permanently, I'm still deciding!!!!

I might need to keep touch up on the colour if I permanently want to have blue hair because I washed my hair everyday and the colour will fade super fast! Anyway, after I did my hair, I went for my IPT training which sort of make me feel damn sian because I still need to go back for 7 more times and I feel like I'm super "attract attention" there due to my hair colour.... although it's just LIGHT BROWN.

But everyone there had black hair! So I feel like... okay... fine! -_-

I tweeted a series of tweets about it and you guys can go over to my Twitter to read it ah! But if you're lazy then it's fine, I won't judge you one ahahahahaha! I'll talk more about IPT training another day (omg a lot of things to rant about) but for now I need to go to bed and sleep because there is photoshoot early in the morning tomorrow (which is considered later). SIGH, but I usually only sleep around 4-5am okay!

I really need to start adjusting back my body clock! And it just keeps on raining. every. single. day. omg!!! While typing this then I realise, END OF THE YEAR IS HERE!!!! Omg time pass so fast! :O

typicalben rainbow hair on bed

Come come! Here's a picture of my with my first version of rainbow/paddle pop hair!

typicalben rainbow hair

Gonna finished posting the first version before showing the second one!

green hair typicalben

My left side is so so greeeeeeeeeeen!

typicalben rainbow hair 2

Okay! Will update again tomorrow! I'm thinking about blogging the apps that I always use to edit my instagram photos and also instavideo since a million of you have asked!!!! :D Goodnight!


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  1. Anonymous2:22 am

    Hi Ben, How do you usually maintain you hair colour? My hair colour always fades to brown after a week. Is there any way to maintain the colour for a longer period?