Another set of awesome pictures again!

November 08, 2013

Okay, I'm now over at Omni Dental Centre (like finally!) waiting for my turn to see Dr Loh and I'm like half an hour late due to the crazy nonsense cab snatcher that snatch all my cab when I was there waiting for more than 30mins!!!! I was so angry wtf. Seriously they saw me there waiting and flagging for cab and yet they still so purposely go in front of me and flag the cab! Arghhhhh! So rude!!!!

What makes me even more angry is that, all these cab snatcher got a cab and the poor me.... DIDN'T.

So in the end I had to on call for a cab because I was running super late already and I didn't want to be bothered with all those rude people anymore! I mean for me, whenever I see people waiting for cab and was there before me, I will always not flag the cab and let them board first. That's basic manners! No?

Anyway, some pictures that Isaac help me took for some outfit feature the other time (I still got one more set of pictures to post up from this shoot)! Anyway, it's gonna be my turn to see Dr Loh soon, so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I blog again later when I reach home from event k! :D

typicalben gap 11

typicalben gap 7

typicalben gap 8

typicalben gap 6

typicalben gap 9

typicalben gap 10

typicalben gap 5

typicalben gap 4

typicalben gap 1

typicalben gap 2

typicalben gap 3


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