My love for milkshakes

November 14, 2013

Omg everyone!!! If you guys didn't know, let me tell you... recently I've an obsession with the drink, milkshake!!!! Omg I can just literally drink it every single day (which I think I did except yesterday). Well, all along I've been loving milkshake BUT the milkshake that I love to drink is not those thick milkshake you get from outside, like those that they blend it with ice cream or something. The one that I love is a much more healthier version kind, where basically it's just the fruit and milk blend together!

I think these kind only sell at hawker centre or food court? Because most milkshakes at cafes or inside shopping malls are the thick thick kind. Whereby they will add ice cream or ice milk or flavourings.... which I don't really like at all! It's been ages since I drank ice blended drinks and such. HEALTHY OKAY!

At first, I wanted to do a tutorial on how to make the milkshake but I realise it's kinda pretty stupid to do so since it is damn easy! All you need is just a fruit that you like! Normally I love.......


Honeydew!!! Yum yum yum!! So nice when blended together with milk!!!


Or banana also can!!!! Recently I've been drinking loads of banana milkshake!!!! :D

Actually I think I also love papaya, rockmelon or avocado etc. HAHAHA! As long as it's blended with milk, it will taste super nice!! I think it's a much more healthier choice as compared to the normal milkshake you get outside lah! At least all these are natural ingredient with no sugar or flavouring added! Yums!


After getting the fruits you want, then you just buy milk and use blender to blend together!!!
Then you have it, healthy delicious milkshake!!! Wooooooo!!!!

typicalben rainbow hair fork and spoon

Went for dinner with Isaac and friends after he helped me to take some pictures for some feature! So glad that he's always helping me whenever I need help to take pictures! :)

typicalben rainbow hair back

Oh nooooo! I miss my rainbow hair so so so much!!!!

typicalben rainbow hair selfie side view

Random side view!

typicalben selfie old town 2

Done with dinner!! And I love this picture!!!

typicalben rainbow hair drinking

typicalben rainbow hair side top

Hair shot again!

typicalben selfie old town

Omg I'm running out of caption! Okay, maybe this one can be "staring at your pimples" lololol!

typicalben rainbow hair side

Okay, last picture that I took there!

Omg suddenly I'm very sleepy now! I don't know why, I slept quite early like at 1-2am last night and I woke up around 10am this morning! Cannot, I cannot go and lie down on my bed because I confirm will fall asleep and end up taking a nap! I got some work to do (take some pictures for my Facebook advert) then maybe visit my aunt's new nail parlour, then after that meeting minting and chinhao for dinner!

Not sure if I've enough time to go visit my aunt's nail parlour though, but I'm very happy for her!!!

I also wanna have my own business and shop too! But I'm not sure what I wanna sell or what service I wanna provide hahaha. Probably when I figured it out then I'll start small, from online first then slowly earn money to open up a shop! I really and always wanted to open up a cafe actually, but capital needed for the start up cost is insane! Wait till next time I earn loads of money first then I will open k! Lololol!!

typicalben shoot gap 10

Last set of pictures I took for the feature!!! :D
Don't know why I've been taking ages to post them up! Hahahaha!

typicalben shoot gap 9

typicalben shoot gap 8

typicalben shoot gap 7

typicalben shoot gap 6

typicalben shoot gap 5

typicalben shoot gap 4

typicalben shoot gap 3

typicalben shoot gap 2

typicalben shoot gap 1

typicalben shoot gap

Okay, byeeeee! I go prepare already! I'll blog again tomorrow! :D

Oh! I'll also be posting up some pictures that I won't be posting here on my blog on my Instagram!
So do rememberer to follow me if there if you haven't okay! Byeeeeeeeeee!


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