Virgin experience at Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

November 15, 2013

Omg just had a real long day out but it was really fun! Woke up super early for meeting with client together with Rachell over at Tai Seng! Why is Tai Seng located so far away from my house! It doesn't seems that far from the train map but I need at least 2 hours to reach wtf. The area I lived at is really inaccessible! :/

Then we head down to CLEO Hair & Make as Rachell wants to do her hair (she paid for it and was so happy with the results yay)! I think sooner or later, I'm gonna bring my mummy go to CLEO Hair & Make to let them do her hair! But I know she confirm won't wanna spend the money one (you know lah, parents will always say "aiyo don't need lah! why waste money, go market one can already!"), so of course I'll insist her to go and pay for her because I really want her to experience and have a good hair cut/colour!

Peishi was there doing hair too, so we headed down to town to have dinner together and run some errands as well after they are done with their hair. The night ended with supper at Swee Choon with me and Peishi only (cause Rachell say she tired wtf lol.) and both of us also went to Mustafa to shop lolol!

swee choon

Anyway, it's my first time eating over at Swee Choon omg! Am I very sua ku? HAHAHA!

swee choon 3

We didn't ordered much food because we just had dinner before! This is Drunken Chicken in Shaoxing Wine which Peishi insist on ordering cause she say it's damn nice lololol!

swee choon 2

Chee Cheong Fun! I don't really like Chee Cheong Fun! :/

swee choon 1

Beancurd Prawn Roll! Love love love! :D

swee choon xiao long bao

Xiao Long Bao!

swee choon custard bun

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun!

And after eating there, I still think I prefer 126 Dim Sum Restaurant leh! But I also very long never go back to 126 already! I think it's time for me to go back and eat eat eat! Hahahaha! But all these place so inaccessible! -_- No car very ma fan! Okay, I go sleep liao! Tomorrow still got IPT training! Luckily I never booked my IPPT test tomorrow if not I think I'll faint loll! Okay, goodnight! Byeeeeee! :D


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  1. Not to sound like a hater or what, but Ben why didn't you reply most of the comments on your blog? I mean those frequently asked questions can ignore lah, but when it comes to certain questions or comments, I really hope you can reply leh!! You already never reply on Instagram and Fb, now please reply on blog okay! Somehow I think those who bothers to leave comment on blog post nowadays is getting lesser and lesser so please cherish us Ben! Hahaha!!! :'D

    1. OKAY I WILL CHERISH YOU ONE! Hahahaha! :D I did reply to some comments on blog though! Sure will try to reply more from now on! I think the most active and I usually reply the most is on Twitter! <3

  2. Anonymous11:35 pm


    Hi Lionel! Chanced upon your entry"Blogger Inspiration" while searching Typicalben on the internet! You write very well and I am wondering do you still like him now?

    Since you asked me this. I shall answer you truthfully because this is how I actually feel about him
    As much as I fanboy over him previously because I like how he is different from normal guys (eg: he dresses well and camwhore a lot) and i felt like his personality is just like mine. (Okay lah maybe he good looking and I am not k LOL)
    But ever since he got on the popular page on Instagram a few times and gained instant fame there. People started to call him "oppa" and stuff and EVERYBODY thinks that he is Korean. I feel like he is trying too hard to be korean/ulzzang. In general, someone who he isn't.
    If you are a loyal reader of his blog (like me ahem LOL) you should know that he isn't like this last time. He was much more relatable but now I feel like i don't know him as a individual idol anymore.
    In summary. I think that he is not being himself. And I don't really like him anymore. I still follow him on social media sites and read his blog. But... I am not THAT obsessed with him anymore.
    I am sorry if i offended you but this is how I actually feel. Some of my friends share the same sentiments as me too so I am not the only one that feels this way too so yeah.
    As much as i miss the old him. I respect him and if this is what he wants to be. Then so be it. :)