I'll be back......

February 06, 2014

In any case anyone is wondering, I'm still alive and not dead yet.

Just that recently there are some issues that troubles and upset me a lot, in return comes the massive breakout on my face (I really feel very sian by all the pimples not going away -_-). Actually, I was kinda surprised and disappointed to know how disappointed someone have of me all along. I guess misunderstanding and how different each individual think and how their brain works is the root of evil to everything. And sometimes we are also too tired to even bother to explain ourselves anymore.

What the point of explaining when you know it won't resolve the issue and certainly it might/will occur again due to misunderstanding due to the difference in thinking of different individual?


Took some random shots long ago with Ran before attending event!



Went to DRx for our second part of our 1 trail session of trichology treatment!


The low level laser therapy machine!


Doing the low level laser therapy after doing the microneedle therapy which can help to stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles!


And we are doneeee!!!


Loving my another bag from Rawrow, been sometime since I found a portable and nice sling bag!
Further more the material is really good and feels super durable!
Do head over to their website to see the full collection of bags they have!


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  1. If these issues are beyond your control try not to stress about them to the point that they negatively affect your health (I do that a lot T T). But I hope whatever is bothering you will get worked out soon. Try to take it easy, Ben (^ㅅ^)

  2. Lack of motivation to blog eh? You don't even caption your pics on Flickr in this particular entry, like very sui bian posting up something and patronize us :( Looking forward your Bali and Bintan trip blog posts, and many many life updates of you! Blog more BenToh, jiayou!!!