Christmas celebration 2013

February 07, 2014

Oh man! Let me see, I actually took so long for this post to be up! It's already February now! Hahaha! Not that anything fancy or special happened for Christmas this year, oh okay... I mean last year. -_-

Well, just the usual annual gathering with my bffs and family! Have always been spending this day with them that it became a norm! But this time round it's more special cause our family had staycation!


Went to Carpenter & Cook for our brunch with Fingers!


All our food! I had quiche and a pot of tea! :D
And if you don't know, I love eating quiche!! Yum yum yum!!


So we just chill and chit chat until it's dinner time, then went to have Korean food for dinner! Omg basically we spent our whole of Christmas Day by just eating eating eating and talking! Hahaha!


Yay the whole table filled with Korean foooooood! I'm hungry now already tsk!


I love everything except Tteokbokki, which all of them love to eat! :/
Why everyone say it's nice ah, I don't really like it!


Waffle ice cream for dessert to end the night before coming to my place to chill and nua and slack and watch movies! Hahaha! Love all the time spent with them as always!!



Then it's Christmas celebration with family time! Went for late lunch over at a Japanese restaurant after checking in our hotel for our staycation! Here's Ran and daddy while waiting for food!


And here is me with mummy, which I turned her into princess cause her face too unglam hahaha!


Food food food! Ordered all our favourite!


This Mentaiko spaghetti is super love!!!!!


Selfie while we roam around the streets hahaha!


Family selfie time! :D


We then head over to have Starbucks before going back to the hotel!


I'm sure some of you already know what hotel it is right!


Didn't take much pictures in the hotel, except this one! HAHAHA!


Meet them again the next day after my work for dinner as they are checking out!


Another family selfie again! :D


The boss of Cleo Hair & Make bought us this gift for Christmas from Japan!


All the snacks so yummy! Heheheheheh! :B


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  1. Hi, may I know what is the name of the Jap restaurant where you had the mentaiki spaghetti? It looks super rich and creamy! :)

  2. Elaine3:28 am

    Ben ben!!! Hahaha I want to check out with you on where did you get your blue canvas shoes from! I know you got that shoes about two years ago and something, and now you wore it back again lolol. I really love the shoes and its like love in first sight that kind, but I couldn't seem to find it online or any physical shop. Planned to buy one for my love and please tell me where to get it! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Ben please tell me. *prays*

    1. I gotten mine from H&M! I think you still can get it there! Saw white and black ones there recently, female section! :D