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February 08, 2014

So it's actually Monday, 10th Feb today! And today marks the start of my another cycle of ICT for 2 weeks! Went back to camp and saw loads of familiar and also unfamiliar faces, but everything is good so far. I guess this 2 weeks gonna fly past very soon and also there's gonna be outfield deployment as usual! :/ Hahaha which is something if I were to complain or dread about, it will be that. But well... we got to do what we have to do, so yeah. Hopefully everything will go smoothly this 2 weeks then!

I'm left with posting up my Bali pictures (which I haven't even start edit yet fyi lolol) then I'll be kinda done clearing all the pictures in 2013! So I'll blog about the Bali trip soon, but I'm not sure when since I'll be back to camp for this 2 weeks. Hahaha! If I've time I'll slowly edit bit by bit then, too many pictures taken during the Bali trip as well! Alright time to clear the remanding pictures for 2013!


Let's start off with a full body shot of me!


And another one! Hahaha! Random I know... :D

chinhao minting typicalben

Met up with Chinhao and Minting for our belated Christmas celebration!

forty hands

Had brunch again that day! Hahaha I realise I've been posting way too many food pictures lately!

forty hands food

So delicioussssssssss!

typicalben minting chinhao

Group picture while we roam around the Tiong Bahru estate!

thing baru estate

typicalben ootd lane

An ootd which I think I don't look good in! Hahaha!
But since I already edited it, then suan le ba, just post it up!

thiong baru bakery

Ordered quiche again for myself! Am I a boring person? Hahahaha!
But isn't that considered as loyal person instead?


Headed to check in our hotel for staycation with the rest of our polymates!

fingers randy nye 2013

Another random picture of Fingers with my brother as we celebrated New Year Eve, counting down to 2014 together! I wanna say I love them so much, but I also realise I kept saying it too! Hahaha!

Yes, but I do! Anyway, off to bed now! Till tomorrow! :)


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  1. Awesome pics! I love the outfit in the first pic^^

  2. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Hello!! Have been waiting for your bali post since forever haha. I'll be going bali in 2 weeks time thus i doubt i will be able to catch your post before heading over. Do you still remember the must-go//recommended places? crossing fingers for your reply and hopefully i get to check them out. Thank you!! XX