Bali - Indonesia (Part 1)

March 09, 2014

(Read the Bali trip post here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

Yay time to update and post up pictures from the Bali trip that I went late last year!

I realise there are way too much pictures taken and I'm going to spilt them up into a few parts for the updates so it's easier to read and also, easier for me to blog hahahaha (that's actually the main reason lololol). Anyway, it's pretty much an impromptu trip because when Isaac asked me to join them for the trip to Bali, I was still schooling, having lessons at that point of time. But just nice, the date for the trip falls on my study break, which means I could go but yet, I still need to study for my final exams lah!

I was contemplating at first because it was my final semester already, so I thought I should just study hard and make sure I pass in the end and able to graduate, instead of failing one module and have to repeat another semester right. But then I think back... for every study break, I will go for holidays one wtf.

And end up, surprisingly (or not) I still will manage to pass all my exams and get distinction for some modules even! Hahaha! I think it's because I really will study even harder after coming back from holidays cause I'll be damn scared I will fail hahaha! So I'm like, fine lah! I'll go since it's just a few days and also I never been to Bali before, so it's good for me to go explore! Plus, Isaac's friend managed to get a free hotel stay, so of course must go! Just pay air tickets only leh, and plus some money to spend there!

So after we purchased our air tickets, I fly over with Taiwei first, who is one of my close friend from secondary school! And we went there 1 day before Isaac and Duncan arrive because.... I want get the cheapest ticket available hahaha! And we also leave like 1-2 days earlier than them as well!

Bali trip 1

At airport and Taiwei is grabbing some food while waiting for our flight!

Bali trip 2

My phone, passport (with my usual orange cover) and the air ticket!

Bali trip 3

I love Changi Airport so much, always give me a very calm feeling whenever I'm there!

Bali trip 4

Me pretending to use my phone with my awesome awesome rainbow hair! It looks so so so good hor omg. After he's done with eating, we went to buy some necessity and boarded the plane off to Bali!

I didn't took any pictures on the plane with my camera but on my phone, yes! In fact a lot hahaha got a lot of videos even! But I'm lazy to transfer it to my laptop, so not posting any of them up. Can go my Instagram to see if you want. Anyway, upon reaching... clearing the custom was crazy cause we waited for more than 2 hours to clear it! There were way too many people! I think there are more than a thousand people queuing up just to get our passport "chop" and we almost died from hunger while queuing in there! -_-

Then as we left and walk out to the arrival section of the airport.....

Bali trip 5

Omg so many people waiting and holding signboard hahahaha! Like we thought is some celebrity coming or something thats why so packed but it's not, just that there are a lot of people visiting Bali!

Bali trip 6

Found the person who's here to fetch us to the hotel! I always prefer to have airport transfer by hotel because it's more safe and reliable, although it's more expensive. But is worth it one!

Before that, we also went to get our data sim card! It's really very cheap and good lol. We gotten it just outside the airport! If you all ever go there, I would recommend you guys to get from "Indosat" because it's cheap and the data like cannot use finish one! Plus the people there are very nice with good service!

Bali trip 7

Already dinner time when we reached the hotel! Went out nearby our hotel to have our dinner and we ended up at Mai-Mai Bar & Restaurant! The ambience was good but the food was just so-so.

Bali trip 8

Like a very nice place to take pictures right!
Anyway it's located along a whole row of restaurants at Nusa Dua area!

Bali trip 9

Was too hungry to take the food pictures, but here's one!

Bali trip 10

Bought some vitamin drinks on the way back to hotel after dinner!

And can you believe I actually didn't take pictures of our room and I didn't want to at first. But after that, I realise I need to and have to show you all our room cause it is really huge omgggggg!!! I think many of you guys will love one!! Only took the room pictures on the second day when Isaac and Duncan came, which then I didn't manage to take picture of one of the biggest room cause they were busy unpacking lol!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Anyway, this is the living room of our Three Bedroom Suite With Pool at Novotel Bali Nusa Dua!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 2

One of the bedroom!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 1

Another one!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 4

Got 3 huge toilet with bathtub too!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 3

Back to the living room!! The sofa area and going outside.....

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 5

The pool!!! With a whale and a crocodile float that Isaac brought all the way from Singapore lol!

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 6

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia 7

Got a mini hut beside the pool somemore wtf. Like very romantic hor hahaha!

Bali trip 11

So the second day! Head out for lunch right after Isaac and Duncan arrived!

Bali trip 12

Me with my side view and that's Taiwei at the back! We went back to the same stretch of restaurant area near our hotel because they wanted a quick bite before we head over to the beach!

Bali trip 13

Banana milkshake! Major love! Throughout the whole trip I kept drinking milkshake cause I love the way they do their milkshake! Not the very ice blended or with ice cream kind, but just fruits and milk!

Bali trip 14

Then our food came!! All the food pictures all very pretty so gonna post all up!

Bali trip 15

We ordered mostly all their local dishes!

Bali trip 16

Yum yum!

Bali trip 17

Green curry for myself!

Bali trip 18

Then we head to the beach after we finished eating!!!

Bali trip 19

Took this shot while walking to the beach! Nice mah! If you think it's not nice... it's okay, because I can assure you that the beach is super super beautiful!!! We totally went omg when we reached...

Bali trip 20

And here we are at the... Nusa Dua Beach!!! Very pretty omg!!!

Bali trip 21

I then heard that this beach is open exclusively to all the guests who stays at the 5 star hotels/resorts in the area, so it's very clean, quiet and very beautiful!!! No wonder it's not crowded at all too! That is totally in contrast with the Kuta beach which is super packed, with tons of people!

Bali trip 22

The sand is so super clean and fine and soft!

Bali trip 23


Bali trip 24

Definitely need to spam and take pictures!!!!!

Bali trip 25

First a proper "look into camera" shot!

Bali trip 26

Then a "happy ballerina" shot hahahahaha!

Bali trip 27

Look at how clear the water is!!!! So awesome!!!

Bali trip 28

With Isaac's Tom Ford shades!

Bali trip 29

As seen from my blog header hahahahaa!

Bali trip 30

My rainbow hair looks extra beautiful together with the beach with clear water eh!!

Bali trip 31

Selfie!!! More of a hair selfie though lol!

Bali trip 32

Candid shot with Isaac! So nice the sea water omg.

Bali trip 33

Bali trip 34

After taking enough pictures, we decided to head back to rest cause Isaac and Duncan were tired from their flight! And we also start to plan where to go for our dinner later at night! Excited! :D

Bali trip 35

On our way back to the hotel!

Bali trip 36

Dinner time! Took a cab down to this restaurant, "Rumours" at Jl. Kayu Aya - Seminyak area!

Bali trip 37

The food served was pretty good! No wonder Duncan recommend us to come here for dinner!

Bali trip 38

More of our food hahaha! But the lighting there was pretty bad!

Bali trip 39

Dessert!!!! Super yums!!!! Although it does't look very yums lol. After that we walked around the area to explore the shops and stuff there, before heading back to the hotel as we end the night off!

Bali trip 40

Back to the hotel and we decided to grab some drinks by the pool before we go back to the room!

Bali trip 41

Hot chocolate for me, but it taste like water... :(
I mean taste like milo still okay, but taste like water is too much hahaha!

Bali trip 42

Night is still young, so we went back to play with lightsticks hahahaha!!!

Bali trip 43

Taiwei, me and Isaac!

Bali trip 44

Angelic wings hahaha!!!

Bali trip 45

Last one with the lightsticks!! We took a lot more but I don't think I wanna spam like close to 50 pictures of this here hahaha! And thats how the second day ended! Will continue updating the trip again soon!


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  1. Adrian2:10 am

    Ben, mind disclosing your secret in creating super clear image? Lololol! Is it unsharp mask or high pass? I am new in this stuff man, really hope that you could enlighten me in this! Thanks!

    1. I didn't use either of that. :) I use curves and shadow/highlights and selective colours!

  2. I love your hair <3 greetings from Poland :)

  3. I love your hair :) and greetings from Poland