Together #BenRanAway Tee raised $1500 for Charity

March 11, 2014

(sorry that this entry is super super late, but you can read the pre-event entry here to understand it better)

First and foremost, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported this good cause together with us!!!! This is not really an event or campaign that we planned on purpose, just something I wanted to do for very long already (if you guys have been with me for long)!

So really thank you to every single one of you that supported by purchasing the tee shirt, spreading the words, coming down on the actual day of the flea or even for those who didn't purchase, but yet mentally/morally supported us on this! Thank you so much because it meant a lot to us.

We didn't expect the response was so good that on the flea day itself (where we will be selling the tee), people were texting and calling us telling us that queues and crowd actually started forming up at our booth as you guys are waiting for us to arrive (sorry we are a little late). The feeling is so amazing, knowing that people actually made the effort to come down to support and I'm very happy to be able to get to see you guys in real life and exchange small talks and have photo taken together.

Not forgetting those who couldn't make it down, but also purchase the tee shirt online as well! Every thoughts and actions of you guys counts and because of that we raised a total of $1500 for Singapore Children Society. I know it might not be an amazing amount to some people, but at least we did play a part to help. Me and Ran also bought few tees as well cause we really loved the tee shirt too! :D

Oh really also need to thank Ministry Of Print for doing this with us! Everyone have been praising on how good the quality #BenRanAway tee shirt is and how happy they are when they gotten the tee shirt and it's all thanks to Ministry Of Print for providing the best quality tee shirt and printing (like they always do) and also rushing out the 100 pieces of tee shirt for us this time round! Thank you Roy!!! ^_^

Anyway, because I was so busy during the flea event itself selling you guys the tee shirt so I didn't managed to take much pictures but before I show you all some of the pictures I took, here is the video of the whole process!!!!!! From printing to selling to donating the money!!!! So fun!!!!!


benranaway tee 13

#BenRanAway tee shirt selling on the flea day itself!

benranaway tee 6

benranaway tee 3

I think this picture was taken when we were about to leave the place!
Finally got time to take some photos! Hahahaha!

benranaway tee 9

Candid shot of me talking to some of you guys on about what size should they get?

benranaway tee 11

Another candid shot!

benranaway tee 5

Those people who stayed almost throughout the whole flea! Thank you guys for coming!

benranaway tee 2

Our cousins came down to support us as well! Together with our relatives too!

benranaway tee

My cute little cousins!! All of them look so cute in the oversized #BenRanAway tee!

benranaway tee 7

My cutest Lucasssssssss! :D

benranaway tee 8


benranaway tee collage

Photos with Esther, Sophie, Jade Seah and my cousins again! Look at that naughty Lucas covering this eyes when I snap the picture! Tsk tsk! Super naughty hahahaha! Never take photo with Rachell though!

benranaway tee 10

Yes, Lucas again! He is super adorable in #BenRanAway tee!! Super oversized for him!!!

benranaway tee 12

Throwing temper again hahahaha!

benranaway tee 4

All my maternal side's cousins + my dad (who is being extra here lol).

benranaway tee 14

Family photo with my maternal side relatives and grandma and grandpa!

Taken this family photo over at Gardens By The Bay because we went there to walk walk lol!

Feeling very blessed because all of them came down to the flea event itself to support us and waited for us till everything ended to have dinner together! Sometimes I think to myself, there's really nothing much I can ask for, when I've such a wonderful family and relatives by my side. Not only they care, concern and worry for you but they also love you with all their heart and expect to return, no nothing.

Thank you to them, thank you to all of you guys.

Thank you to everyone who helped and making this a success..... ♥


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  1. Can I still get a BenRanAway tshirt?