Bali - Indonesia (Part 2)

March 12, 2014

(Read the Bali trip post here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

Hellooooo! I'm back to continue from what's being left previously... so for the third day of our Bali trip, we went back to Nusa Dua Beach again in the morning to take some pictures and grab some light food before we head out for lunch! Since the beach is such a beauty, why not go back and take more pictures right!

And this time round, we also went to there to chill a little while having the food because the previous day was way too rush to even have time to chill and admire the beauty hahahaha. Although I'm not really a fan of beaches, but since we are there already, might as well right! If not like so wasted lol!

bali day 2 - 1

Yay back to Nusa Dua Beach!!!!

bali day 2 - 2

All the pictures taken there turns out so nice wtf.

bali day 2 - 3

Taiwei and Isaac!

bali day 2 - 4

How about a coconut for you? But I was so disappointed because it was not cold at all! :( Such a hot weather, a chilled coconut would be perfect! Sadly, it's warm.. due to the heat I guess.

bali day 2 - 5

Ordered some food, like pizzaaaaasss! :D

bali day 2 - 6

Me again! I think all these pictures they just anyhow snap one, but all turns out to be very nice omg. Love the place!!! And as you can see that my hair is super messy due to the wind hahaha!

ben taiwei isaac beach 7

Group shot of the 3 of us!

bali day 2 - 8

Coconut water, Y U NO COLD!!!!

bali day 2 - 9

B e a u t i f u l .

bali day 2 - 10

Then after, we again went to the beach area to take more pictures hahahaha!

bali day 2 - 11

Love this photo cause both of us looked so happy and it's a candid shot!

bali day 2 - 12

Okay, with Isaac again!!!!

bali day 2 - 13

And again! Hahaha! Okay, I know this is getting too much.

bali day 2 - 14

Then it's my turn lololol!

bali day 2 - 15

Rainbow against the clear blue sea!

bali day 2 - 16

Love this picture!

bali day 2 - 17

Candid but I think still looks okay to post, although abit doesn't look like me lol!

bali day 2 - 18

Selfie with Taiwei!

bali day 2 - 19

Taiwei's turn! Hahahaha!

bali day 2 - 20

Another shot of the coconut we had earlier!

bali day 2 - 21

Then we head back to the hotel to wash up and prepare to head out for lunch!

bali day 2 - 22

Lunch over at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant!!!

bali day 2 - 23

The huge mascot that looks like he's forcing a smile hahaha!

bali day 2 - 24

bali day 2 - 25

But the service there was awesome! So do the drinks!

bali day 2 - 26

And of course the food that we had was awesome toooooo! Had so much that we all were so full!

bali day 2 - 27

Yum yum yum!

bali day 2 - 28

Their coasters that I wanted to bring back to Singapore cause it's so nice, but in the end I didn't!

bali day 2 - 29

After lunch, we slowly stroll our way to Kuta beach!

bali day 2 - 30

Super nice shot eh omg. Thank you Taiwei!!!

bali day 2 - 31

Over at Kuta beach! And you're welcome. ;)

bali day 2 - 32

Love this shot of the sea waves I took! Nice right!

bali day 2 - 33

The beach is super crowded as compared to Nusa Dua Beach.

bali day 2 - 34

Super huge crowd gathering around, so we went over to see what's happening!

bali day 2 - 35

What is everyone looking at or taking pictures of??????

bali day 2 - 36

They are all there for these super cute sea turtles!!!!! Omg you know I how much love tortoises/turtles and when I see these cute precious sea turtles, I was so so happy and excited!!!

bali day 2 - 37


bali day 2 - 38

Apparently there are having this campaign/event to free the turtles back into the sea!

bali day 2 - 39

bali day 2 - 40

Go go quickly go back to where you belong! <3

bali day 2 - 41

After that, we went to some random shopping mall for drinks!
I demand A&W root beer float to come back to Singapore!!

bali day 2 - 42

I was a little hungry, so I went to KFC to have their chicken! :D

bali day 2 - 43

Then to have cotton candy and bubblegum ice cream!!!! Super love!!!!

bali day 2 - 44

My hair and my ice cream!

bali day 2 - 45

Lastly back to hotel, where we try to make loads of bubble foam to take pictures!!

bali day 2 - 46

Loads of bubblessssssss!!!!!

bali day 2 - 47

I rarely use bathtub normally at hotels one though, do you guys always use it?
Cause after taking the pictures, I went to the standing shower to shower hahahaha!

bali day 2 - 48

Ending this post with 2 awesome pictures of me with the bubble foam!

bali day 2 - 49

See I looked so happy hahaha! Will update the last part of the Bali trip again soon! :D


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  1. The beach photos are stunning! I once released turtles back into the sea too, they felt really precious! :D Looks like it's so much fun, I want to go on a trip with my friends too, haha!