Daily updates via phone - Day 106

April 16, 2014

Just ended driving and today's instructor need to chill abit lor omg. Early morning he so angsty and anyhow scold me wtf. Cannot leh. I think he needs to relax and be happy, early morning so angsty not good. First time gotten this instructor though, hope I won't get him again please! #prayhard #prayharder

Now it's only 9am++ and I'm making my way to Cleo Hair & Make to do my hair! But before that I think I'll go have breakfast first. So hungry, if not cut hair later I'll faint. #notkuazhangokay

Omg finally reached The Central and gonna grab some food!

Ordered this Hollandaise Breakfast Chicken burger instead of Breakfast Egg Benny (which I had it the other time and love it!) because I want to eat some Hollandaise sauce lolololol! But end up don't even have the sauce inside? Maybe have lah, but I think like only 3 drops? No taste of Hollandaise sauce at all.

Quite sian because I don't really like the chicken patty, I knew it before I gonna order but I was blinded by the Hollandaise sauce. Hahahahaha! As what they say, love is blind okay!

Over at Cleo Hair & Make now and Ai is gonna wash my hair for me now! Very rare that she will wanna wash my hair first before cutting, I think is because my hair is very rough and dry because I didn't managed to wash it last night and this morning was too rush so I didn't wash my hair also hahahaha! #lovethemassage

Yay gonna cut my hair now! Going to be short because I'm going back to ICT next Monday! Which because of that I've to give up a fully sponsored trip to Korea! Sigh! Okay, more on that next time. I can totally rant a whole post on that lah!

Had like a HTHT session with my stylist Ai while she's cutting my hair, since @sammsees jiejie is not here today. I think sometimes she don't get what I mean and yet she pretend to understand lor. But I never expose her only hahaha. I very nice right hahaha! I think I training her well to understand English more okay! I very nice to her one!

Doing hair treatment now!

Eh seriously? If you wanna work in service industry, then you jolly well be polite and be friendly to customers? I don't understand why some people want to give a black face, if like some of the days like this it's fine lah, maybe you have your bad day... BUT if forever you are black face and think you are a diva then maybe you shouldn't work in this industry? Cause you will totally spoil people's mood! Especially when you are a receptionist?

Drying hair! Gonna be done soon! After this I'm going to Tanjong Pagar for lunch!

Took a picture with my hair stylist, Ai, before I leave for lunch! Just posted it on Instagram too hahaha! Thank you Ai-San!

Lunch over at Tanjong Pagar!

The unagi is so delicious!!! I love unagi omg. I can eat it everyday if I can eh! Same goes to kimchi also! Hahaha! Major love! Haha!

Chilling at some cafe for awhile (like 30mins) before my next appointment at IDS Clinic, getting some drinks now!

So cute the deco!

#nofilter #noedit

Went IDS Clinic after that and Dr Tan wanted to help me extract out all the clogged oils! Now my face is all filled with red marks, like whole face quite red with dots all over hahaha. How to go movie premiere later ah! But I'm so thankful that they are taking care of my face, I mean seriously... my face condition improved a lot! More updates on that soon k!

Met up with Isaac as I asked him along for #TheOtherWoman movie premiere!!! Omg I'm super excited for the show, because Nicki Minaj cameo in it!!! I can't wait to see her on big screen! #notreallyafanboy #maybejustalittlebit Anyway, we are having dinner before the show starts! Not really hungry!

My dinner! Some soupy noodles with loads of ingredients inside! Quite yummy!

Yay!!! Time to watch #TheOtherWoman movie premiere!!! Thanks for the invite!!! I'm so excited hahahaha!!!!

So the movie is pretty good omgz. I was like so excited when Nicki Minaj came out hahahaha! Now I'm on my way back home. Seriously, I wanted to cab because of my face but end up I took public transport instead. Actually it's not say very serious (I mean my face) but it's quite serious to me leh. So yeah. Can't wait to go back home and talk to @randyys later!


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