My IDS Clinic Journey

April 23, 2014

Yay I finally have time to blog and write something here omg totally miss this space! :')

So sorry for not updating, I mean I wanted to give excuses to say I'm busy but in actual fact, I'm not that busy lol.... just some little commitments here and there other than that, basically I'm spending more time with my family and friends and also with my bed lol. They say our bed is forever our best friend, indeed it is! And recently, I've also started to be a little more particular about my skincare regime, which to everyone, is a really rare sight because... hello??? I don't really take care of my face in the past at all!

But I know I have to now, because my skin was in a really bad condition last month!

Why? Actually it all started with just 1 pimple on my cheek. Usually I don't get any outbreak at all (so thankful and blessed), so since young I do not get pimples or acne outbreak on my face, if there is, it's usually just 1 or 2. So last month, it happen to have 1-2 pimples on my face and I thought, maybe I should just go facial to remove them because I don't like to squeeze them out and I don't have the habit to.

Then I went for facial and apparently, and I don't know why... after facial MY WHOLE FACE is filled with redness and gotten even more serious after that, which usually it's not like that. I mean there are even more outbreak after that and I feel like my whole cheek is filled with pimples omg?? Then I took a picture and send to most of my friends, and when I send it on #FlowerGirls group chat, Rachell immediately told me to whatsapp Chester and tell him about it. And this is the picture I sent to my friends.......


Ouch ouch ouch! Looks so painful right! :(

Although to many people it is not say..... very serious? Because my friends all say it's still not THAT bad yet. But to me it's considered quite serious already eh because I never ever in my life had such a bad condition on my face at all. So of course I'm worried! So after I send to Chester, he told me not to worry and he will make an appointment for me at IDS Clinic to consult the Doctor regarding my face!

I kinda knew and heard about Chester through Rachell because they did work together before and I'm so glad that he's really friendly when I suddenly texted him to tell him about my problem the other time hahaha! Actually I remember he also did tweeted me before when I was complained about pimples popping out on my face on Twitter last time, so it's awesome lah to know that he's now gonna help me with my problem now and is determined to help me to resolve it with their professional help! :D


So then I went over to IDS Clinic for my first consultation!



While waiting for my turn, I took a selfie hahaha although my cheeks are filled with
the aftermath of "red bumps" from facial! Nooooooooo..... :(


Before consulting Dr Tan, I was led into this room to have my pictures taken....


.... by using this machine!


They are actually taking pictures of the condition of our face which after it is going to analyse it!


Please take a look how bad it is!!! Quite serious right!!! And it all happened after I went for facial omg.
I don't know what and why, I just know that it is quite serious and I want to solve it!


Analysing my skin condition! But it's good to know that apart from all the sudden "red bumps" that surfaced recently after the facial, my skin condition is in a pretty good state! Phew~~~~


After that, I went for the consultation with Dr Tan and he's so nice and friendly! I didn't took any pictures inside, but after coming out from his room, I see this rows and rows of awards that he gotten!

He also told me not to worry because the face condition of mine will soon be cleared! He prescribed some products that I've to diligently use to help me with it and told me to come back for review after 2 weeks!


Then I went to roam around IDS clinic while waiting for my products to be ready!


They have so many rooms and are so well-equipped!


Then I was told on the order of how to use the products! I love how they will teach you to make sure you know how to use it, instead of just giving you the products and let you figure out how to use it.


The range of products that I'm prescribed to use from IDS Clinic!


Basically they are (from left to right) gentle cleanser which moisturise and protect for all skin type, mask with probiotics (which is really good for skin), pore which minis excess oil production which reduces blackheads and whiteheads, c-plus which tackles wrinkles, patchy skin tone, dark spots and acne, spot which reduces and shrinks blemishes fast, lastly sunscreen with vitamin C for antioxidant benefits.


I actually really love all the products which leads me to spamming them on my face lololol. And I must say my face is slowly improving and I can really see the difference which I'm super happy!!!!!!

As I'm writing this, I actually already went for my second review and they also gave me 2 more products toner and body which will help my condition even better. After the second review, I can really see that all the redness has gone down and my right side of my face is somehow cleared up, only left with my left side which sometimes still gets pimples popping out but it is still in control, it is definitely so much better than the pictures above omg! It is slowly improving which I'm glad it does!

Can't wait to get back to my previous clear face state again, or even a better state! :D

8 SINARAN DRIVE, #05-07 to 10
Tel: 6568 3555

p/s: Anyway, they are having a free consultation by Dr Tan for everyone from now till end of May! So if you are interested, you can always give them a call to book an appointment for the consultation!


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  1. My face would look horrible on that camera... ._____.

    Cheers to skin care!!

  2. I know how you feel!! The super sian feel when the facial made it worse rather than improving your skin conditions. That's why I have not been going to facial for ages and am more diligent at proper cleansing and using better facial products.
    Hope yours get well soon!

  3. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Hi. i would like to know how much are the products? and consultation.

    1. Hello! Consultation is now free until 31st May 2014, and during there you can ask them about the product prices as they can advise you better. Or can give them a call! Hope it helps! :)