Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Trip

May 27, 2014

Had such a terrible headache last night and it's happening pretty often to me now wtf. I super hate it! I think it's because of the weather or something.... maybe I didn't drink enough water, which I thought I did! :/ I mean, I just couldn't get to sleep last night until 4am+ because of the throbbing headache eh, super ridiculous. And I didn't want to take panadol because it's not that good to always eat panadol? Then I went to on the air-con and then force myself to sleep and not thinking about the pain. I think the air-con helps though. Probably is because of the humid weather. My room was so humid last night!

Anyway, went over to KL few weeks back! :D It was an impromptu trip because my air tickets is only being booked the night before I fly. First time I went for such a last minute trip hahaha! Quite fun leh!

I mean usually I will always plan my trip in advance due to my schedule what. So it's quite exciting for me lah (although it's only KL) hahaha! Talking about overseas trip, I might be flying out of Asia soon omg. I never been to countries out of Asia until now yet eh. Might only, I still haven't confirm hahahaha!

selfie airport

It'a an afternoon flight but I didn't had anything the whole day cause I woke up late lol! So after checking in, we went to grab some food before boarding the plane! #selfietime #lovechangiairport

starbucks airport

Gotten a sandwich but it taste so bad! :/

And then we reached KL airport! Apparently the traffic is damn bad when we reached there and if we took a cab, we are so gonna stuck in a super bad jam! So we decide to take the express train from the airport instead. At first, I thought it's going to be super troublesome because we are carrying luggage what. But end up the express train ride is even better than their cab? It's so much faster and comfortable too!


Express train ticket! Bringing you all the way to the central of KL!


The train is really not bad cause it is not crowded and there are plenty of seats!

It's so much better as compared to their normal taxi (red colour one), as they are usually very old and dirty. The train is super clean and smells good hahahaha! And no traffic jam somemore, damn shiok!


Tv in front of me! But no shows one, they only play trailers of movies and advertisements!
And the whole ride was really quite comfortable I must say, not bad!

maya hotel KL room

Reached the hotel! Staying at Hotel Maya!

And I think I took this picture the second day, so that explains why the bed is so messy hahahaha! The room is not bad but the only thing is we cannot adjust the air-con temperature? I don't know why, I tried to change the temperature but it's still the same as always. Was freezing at night though, a little crazy.

maya hotel KL bathroom

The bathroom! Love the wood tiles flooring for the shower area!!

maya hotel KL view

The view from the room!

view from maya hotel KL

From the window, we are able to see KLCC!! Our hotel is just opposite it!!

typicalben silver grey hair on bed

Heading out for dinner before washing up and rest for the night!

cab KL

Took a cab to Pavilion for dinner! And I remember why I took this picture already!

Because just when I got into the cab and sit on the seat, I suddenly feel that my whole shorts is WET omg. Then the cab driver told me that it was raining earlier and the he forgotten to wind up the window, so the seat is soaking wet. T_T My shorts and even my underwear is wet after the ride lol. -_-

the pressroom bistro menu

Dinner at The Pressroom Bistro at Pavilion!

the pressroom bistro

I quite love the place because it's super chill and not say, very crowded! The only thing I don't like is people can just smoke basically everywhere. And just nice the people sitting beside us keep on smoking. -_-

Which is quite annoying because while I'm enjoying a nice meal and then the smoke keeps on slowly float by my face omg. But other than that, everything is pretty okay! Service is good though!

shanghai mojito

My drink! Shanghai Mojito (orange & mint quencher) which is damn nice wtf.

salad landaise

Salad Landaise!
(served with gésier, smoked duck breast and duck rilettes)

I don't know is it because I'm hungry or what because it taste delicious hahaha! I think it's because I'm hungry eh, cause I didn't have anything the whole day except the sandwich at Starbucks before I fly.

the pressroom bistro red tuna fish and duck breast

Main course! Red Tuna fuse with herbed oil & Duck Breast with béarnaise sauce!

pressroom tarte tatin

Dessert! Tarte Tatin with fresh cream!

Then we chill a little there then we decided to walk around! Walked to Lot 10 and then to Jalan Alor, walk until tired then we took a cab back to hotel and this time round the cab was the new one (in blue)!

typicalben KL taxi

The new cab is super comfortable eh!!! Like so spacious with personal adjustable seats! But I think it's more expensive than the normal regular red taxi! Look at me lying down like a shiok!

taxi KL

Back to the hotel!!! Took a photo of the cab for you guys to see!!
And it's very obvious which is my seat hahahahaha!

IDS products to KL

Time to shower after a long day and it is only then I realise I brought my whole IDS skincare there EXCEPT their facial cleanser omg. -_- Am I stupid or what, facial cleanser is damn important!

Not only that, I also forgot to bring my Mucota hair shampoo from Cleo Hair & Make which I've been using for quite some time already! It's meant for coloured hair and to retain the colour, no wonder my colour all fade after the trip lor. Hahaha! Super sad cause I love my silver grey hair a lot a lot a lot a lot!

waking up for breakfast

Second day at KL! Woke up for breakfast at hotel which I usually will miss it because I will overslept. No wonder mummy was very surprised when she saw I posted this photo the other time lol!

breakfast maya hotel buffet

breakfast maya hotel buffet food

The buffet selection was alright.

Then I realise I'm able to order from their menu too, like they have a breakfast menu for those who don't want to eat buffet eh!!! Omg yasssssssss!!! That makes me excited, so I quickly ordered hahaha!

salmon breakfast maya hotel

Broiled Salmon with Asparagus! Loves it!

laksa breakfast maya hotel

I also ordered this laksa too cause I wasn't full. Not so nice eh, so I didn't finish it.

selfie on the bed typicalben

Back to the room and rest a little while more before heading out!

typicalben silver grey hair side view 4

Okay, time to prepare and head out!!! All ready to go!!

typicalben silver grey hair side view 3

Really love my hair colour and style cut! Thanks to Ai from Cleo Hair & Make!

typicalben silver grey hair side view

More picture of my hair from another side!

typicalben silver grey hair side view 1

Love it or what. I SUPER LOVE. Missing my hair colour already!

phat thai KL

Then we head over to KLCC for Thai food for lunch, at Imperial Chakri Palace!!
Their food is really good also omg. Some phat thai for you?? :D

thai chicken KL

I forgotten this dish! It's some chicken wrapped in some leaves lolol!

tom yum soup KL 1

My favourite!!!! Tom yum soup with tiger prawn!!!

tom yum soup KL

Mad fresh and delicious okay omg!!! I love it!!!!

mango sticky rice KL

Mango sticky rice which I didn't eat cause I was too full lol.

typicalben selfie thai resturant

Selfie before leaving the restaurant!

site visit KL

Then we went to construction site for visit omg, it's my first time!
It's a new shopping mall which is about to open this year end at KL!

site visit office

Before I head in, they were saying that I need to wear safety boots in order to go into the site. And they say they only have all these old dirty worn ones for me to wear. #okaycan #notcomplaining

shoes for site visit

Wore the safety boots and off I go to explore!!!!

site visit KL 1

Inside the construction site where they are going to build up a shopping mall. Damn cool okay!

typicalben selfie construction site

Selfie while exploring! Luckily the helmet that they gave me is brand new one hahaha!

typicalben site visit

Been a great experience but I don't think I would wanna do that again hahaha!

Actually almost half of the time when I'm inside the construction site, I'm ranting to myself because I was sweating like crazy with my sweater and it is also very noisy, loud and dusty inside there. Nothing much to see also hahaha. And I really want to applaud and say, that I super respect all the workers who are working in the construction line. It's seriously not an easy job to begin with and I really respect them for that.

room service maya hotel

Back to the hotel to rest after sweating so much lol. And just when we reached the hotel, it started to rain heavily. I was so hungry, so I ordered room service while waiting for the rain to stop!

I brought my laptop along as initially I thought I can edit some pictures there, but end up I only use it to watch videos only ahhaahahaha! So was munching on the wings and watching shows! Talking about shows, I didn't on the tv at all throughout the whole trip because whenever I on the tv, there is this super high pitch frequency sound! And I'm the only one who can hear it and not others omg fml.

typicalben shopping at KL

After the rain stops, I went shopping alone yay! Shopped at Pavilion and bought some stuff!


Omg Snowflake which I remember that it is damn nice (I ate it few years back when I went to KL with my army mates) but I didn't get to eat it this time round cause I wanted to wait for my friends to eat together with me but end up, we didn't go back to Pavilion anymore after that day tsk -_- Damn wasted!

pavilion KL

Time for dinner went outdoor and decided to go La Bodega!

dinner KL

Had Croquetas and Patatas Bravas! I love their Patatas Bravas (the one at the back), it's actually just potatoes in spicy tomato sauce and garlic mayonnaise! Simple yet delicious!

typicalben eating bread

Picture with the free bread that we didn't eat at all hahaha!

typicalben selfie KL 3

Selfie time!!!!! :D

typicalben selfie KL 1


typicalben selfie KL 2

I don't know what am I doing, maybe feel like punching you?

typicalben selfie KL

Me and my always awesome hair!

maya hotel KL shower

Went back straight to the hotel because I was super tired from visiting the construction site and shopping the whole day! So gonna rest early! I love the rain shower instead of the normal showering head? Next time my house must have rain shower, damn shiok I think I can shower all day long!

I realise I'm also not the bathtub kind of person, instead I'm more to the shower kind of person? I feel damn weird when I'm soaking in the bathtub sometimes, like I don't really feel very very shiok. Maybe for awhile okay, but I'll always get up and go shower after 5 minutes! I think I need to have like a bigger bathtub instead of the normal size one hahahaha. Then I think I'll feel like soaking in there more.

typicalben just woke up hair

Third day over at KL and yes, waking up for breakfast again! And this is how my hair looks like when I just got out from bed. Looks damn awesome right omg. Like it's styled already lololol.

breakfast maya hotel

Ordered from the breakfast menu again! Monte Cristo! (Breaded egg batter wholemeal bread spread with mayonnaise turkey slice & cheese accompanied with mesclun salad) Not bad!

Publika shopping mall toilet

Took a cab and went to Publika shopping mall! And took this picture at their toilet!

Cause the first thing I got down the cab is to find the toilet at the mall cause I was quite urgent ahhahaha! The problem with drinking too much water every time hahaha! But quite cute right, their cubicle!

Publika shopping mall

And their walls! Graffiti style!

Ben's Independent Grocer

Went to Ben's Independent Grocer to walk around!

shucked Ben's Independent Grocer

Saw tons of oysters at SHUCKED, so we decided to order some!

oysters from Ben's Independent Grocer

All the different types of ousters from different countries!

oysters Ben's Independent Grocer 1

We had the ones from France! Couldn't remember the name but it is so fresh and good wtf.

oysters Ben's Independent Grocer

Yum yum yum!! I want to have more oysters!!!!

bakery Ben's Independent Grocer

Then we came across this bakery inside! It seems so nice, so of course must buy and try!

bread at Ben's Independent Grocer

Got this custard doughnut! Super yummy also omg.

typicalben eating custard bread

Eating while waiting for our coffee!

coffee at Ben's Independent Grocer

My Flat White!

Ben's Independent Grocer

Was at the standing table having my coffee and my custard doughnut and people watch! Hahaha!

antique store

Continued to walk around the shopping mall, actually there's nothing much there though.

antique store 1

What is this and why is it selling for RM150!

selfie typicalben french restaurant KL

Time for lunch hahaha!

selfie typicalben french restaurant KL 1

I'm like basically eating so so so much throughout the trip! Loves it!

nathalie gourmet studio

Lunch over at Nathalie Gourmet Studio! It's a french restaurant!

evian water

Still water please!

I was having quite a high expectation of the food here because my friends told me that it is very nice but end up it's pretty disappointing. To me it's not very nice leh. Anyway, these are the food that I had......

duck confit, roasted fennel and inion cream col au vent, orange segments and emulsion

Duck confit, Roasted Fennel and Onion Cream Vol au Vent, Orange segments and Emulsion!

revised salmon carbonara tagliatelles

Revised Salmon Carbonara Tagliatelles!

tahiti vanilla mille-feuille, caramel ice cream

Tahiti Vanilla Mille-feuille, Caramel ice cream!

KL government building

Took the cab back to central and saw these old building! The taxi driver then told us that it's an old government building and it is going to be demolished soon!

raining kl

Suddenly rain heavily again while we are on our way back!

Then I went to shop again at Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, Sungei Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square! And I didn't manage to buy anything much! I think next time we can just skip Sungei Wang Plaza and Berjaya Times Square already cause I don't think I can buy anything there because there are nothing for me to buy? I remember I used to buy quite a number of stuff there one, so I was quite disappointed!

And after walking so much, I only bought a pair of shoes from H&M lol. -_-

KL street art typicalben 3

Picture at the street of KL!

KL street art typicalben 2

Isaac say he love my this set of pictures cause it's damn nice! Kuazhang!

KL street art typicalben

FEEKA cafe 1

Walked quite a distance to FEEKA cafe to chill!

FEEKA cafe

FEEKA cafe food 3

Ordered Beetroot Salad and a blueberry pie with some drinks!

FEEKA cafe

Wanted to have the outside seat but was sweating while we walked here, so we thought just take the inside seats first then after that we can move out. But after awhile, all the outside seats was taken already hahaha.

FEEKA cafe food

Feeling damn artistic as I used the plant as props for my picture, so I took quite a number of it lol.

Wanted to go elsewhere for dinner but then out of nowhere, it rains heavily again! -_- So got no choice, we decided to just have dinner at the cafe then head back to the hotel earlier cause we got an early flight to catch the next day back to Singapore yay! And somemore we didn't pack yet hahahaha.

FEEKA cafe food 2

I ordered Moroccan Chicken!

FEEKA cafe food 1

And also this Mustard Braised Brisket.

Not very nice tbh but no choice hahaha. Anyway didn't take any pictures after that because there isn't anything much to take? Except this picture that I took while we are having our breakfast at the airport.

old town airport KL

Why is this picture even worth mentioning, you might ask...

Because we reached the airport 15 minutes before boarding time and we decided to get a quick bite. We wanted something hot and soupy (sick of bread and stuff already), so we decided to have noodles! But the queue is damn long and waiting time is long also, but we still ordered in the end hahahaha.

End up I think we finished the noodles in like 5 mins and we were only left with 5 minutes to take the sky train to our boarding gate. Hahahaha! It's damn exciting lah and I was damn scared that we will be late. But end up, we are just in time for it. Phew~! And that somehow concludes my KL trip!

See you again soon, Malaysia! :D


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  1. I know it's a little too late but... WELCOME TO KL! lol Malaysian here btw hee :p


  2. that DAMIS ROSK wall!! I want to do a shoot there!! awesome trip :D



  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time here in KL. If I know you would be in Pavilion, I would have gone there to meet you. My university is quite near to it. Anywayy, do come back here then I can bring you to eat Snowflakes k? :)

  4. eeekkk ily so much ben -^^- you must come to jakarta too~ eung~

    - www.krungyerin.blogspot.com -