What a cooling night!

May 20, 2014

A sudden downpour while I was on my way back home on the bus earlier after dining with my friend at Mad For Garlic (omg I love their food) and chilling for drinks at 1-Altitude. My first time over at 1-Altitude though, and I kinda love the place, pretty chill and relaxing. I almost fell asleep while lazing at the sofa seat while viewing the city view. I don't know why but it makes me really calm for some reason looking at the busy city from such a high view, even though there were music blasting throughout at the back.

Well, at least the music is quite good too. I took some pictures just now but it turns out really bad due to the lighting but I guess I'll still post them up soon once I uploaded them! :D

Anyway, back to the sudden downpour. So when I was about to alight from my bus at my bus stop, there was this couple that also alighted before me. And the bus stop was under some construction so there are white tape that is being taped around the bus stop pillars, so there is only a very small path left (that is being sheltered by the bus stop) that is connected to the shelter. I'm not sure if you guys can imagine how it looks like.... I feel like drawing out for you guys but I'm kinda lazy now lol omg nevermind haha!

The thing is, once the couple alighted from the bus, they stood in the middle of the very small path (which is left for people to walk to the shelter) and start hugging there and blocking MY way? I mean, I don't mind if they hug or what and usually I'm not so anal about it and I won't complain because I can take another route BUT this time round, IT IS RAINING HEAVILY LEH. Seriously?

And I don't like to go under the rain and I try my best not to go under the rain because I always will have a super horrible headache every time after I go under the rain. So obviously I'll try my best to run to the bus stop after I alight and use the shelter walk way back home. But the whole bus stop is being white taped up and what's left for us to go to the shelter walk way is this super narrow path which is being sheltered by the bus stop. And the couple just decided to stop there and hug? -_-

Not only that, when I alighted after them and reached the narrow path (and they started hugging and blocking the way), I said "excuse me" politely to let them make way for me to cross first lah and they can continue to hug after that, for as long as they want I don't care. But guess what??!! After they heard me saying "excuse me", they didn't move a single bit omg? They just carrying on hugging each other as if they are living in their own world, super rude omg. It is raining heavily, they cannot expect me to just go under the rain and run to the shelter just because they want to hug in the middle of nowhere right.

Very nonsense I feel. I mean I don't mind they hug or what, but at least they let me cross first? Or at least acknowledge my "excuse me" lah. I don't care how loving or how crazy in love they both are, but least they should let me cross first because it was really raining super heavily. In the end, I've to squeeze through at the side while they are hugging (and obviously ignoring me as they are literally in their own world) and they didn't even bother to look at me a single bit while I cross through and my bag hit on them a little. No choice ah and I never purposely use my bag to hit them one, but is really because no space at all. I wanna applaud them for being so in love seriously, but I hope next time they can be considerate a bit eh. :/

typicalben ootd

Went to bleach my hair twice 2 weeks back at Cleo Hair & Make!

I wanted it to be platinum blonde at first but because previously I dyed my hair black for reservist so it's pretty hard to bleach it all the way to platinum blonde in a day. And after bleaching for 2 times, my stylist (Ai) recommended me to let my hair rest first before bleaching it again (if I want).

I really love how Ai (which is my stylist lah) care for my hair and scalp okay! I mean she could have just bleached my hair until very blonde but end up all my hair cui and my scalp will be super painful, but she didn't. In fact, she asked me to do it slowly omg. Like she really care about the condition of our hair instead of just anyhow and just her job done. I remember last time I go some salon right, they just bleach my hair and touch my scalp (which I never touch my scalp anymore whenever I bleach or dye my hair ever since I'm with Cleo) and end up burning my scalp because they bleach too many times without caring for my hair at all? End up my hair become super thin and my scalp become red and sensitive, like got pimples like that wtf. I still can remember the pain and torturous feeling, it's really quite bad one.

I mean usually for people who bleaches or dye your hair, is a norm that all the hair stylist (even at Cleo) will still touch your scalp but you can tell them not to, in order not to hurt your scalp lah. My tips for you guys next time you wanna dye your hair. But maybe end up your roots won't be completely covered lah. But depends on you lor, see you want to hurt your scalp or what. A little roots doesn't kill anyway.

typicalben selife phone

After washing for few days, the colour became really gold and I couldn't take it anymore so I went back again after 5 days to do the colour. And I was discussing with Samantha and she reminded me about the hair colour that I wanted to do long time ago, which is silver grey colour!

typicalben yellow hair

Went back to Cleo and bleached my hair one more time! So in total I bleached 3 times!

typicalben dyeing hair

New hair colour and I was really excited to be honest!
Been having black hair for the longest time hahaha! I still love having coloured hair.

typicalben silver grey hair

Tadah! End result! My silver grey hair colour! ^_^

silver grey hair typicalben

Another one using ring light! Anyway, most of the pictures here are taken using my iPhone hahaha! Been using my phone to take pictures pretty often lately! Will show you guys more pictures of my silver grey hair on my KL trip blog post (because I went KL the next day after I done my hair) that is coming up soon!!

mad for garlic chicken pizza

Some food pictures that I took when dining at Mad For Garlic after doing my hair (which today after I did my new colour, I also went there hahah). Look so delicious isn't it, and it is! Yum! :D

mad for garlic pasta

Pasta which I shared it with Samantha! Hahahaha!

mad for garlic banana pizza

Dessert pizza! Banana chocolate with ice cream!
And there's garlic inside there too lol!

Okay, gotta go to bed now. Feels good to blog leh sometimes. Will update about my KL trip very soon! :D


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  2. Some people are so rude. I would just push my way past them if they didn't move when I said excuse me. If they can be rude so can you.

    Wow that food looks amazing. It's making me hungry which is a bad thing considering It is only 4am where I live.

    ~ Vexx