Night Safari 20th Anniversary Celebration – Be an animal keeper for the night!

June 16, 2014

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Hello everyone!!! I'm so excited to share with you guys what I did earlier this week!!!!! :D

I feel so happy and lucky that I had this rare opportunity to go behind the scene and be an animal keeper for a night over at Night Safari!!!! How cool is that omg????!!!!

You know, when I was first told about it, I was really excited because I always wanted to go to Night Safari (cause everyone have been telling me how awesome it is) but I just didn't really had the chance to. And seriously, just few weeks back, I was only telling my friends and planning with them to visit Night Safari this month!!! So you can understand how excited I was when I first heard this news! Super!!!

Because now, not only I can go to Night Safari but I also get to be an animal keeper.... which is like a total dream come true!! I think all of us when we were young as a child, we once had this dream to become a zoo keeper when we are visiting the zoo etc. Like we really admire them and find it very cool as they get to take care of the animals, feed the animals and to even have very close contact with all the animals which we do not have the chance to! So having this chance now to be an animal keeper for the day, was definitely an eye-opener for me and also, a once in a life time experience that I'll never forget!!

Thank you Night Safari for this opportunity!!! :') Anyway, back to the topic on planning to go with my friends earlier... I'll definitely still go together with them as planned because I didn't get the chance to explore the whole Night Safari cause it's really quite big omg. There are several trails and I'm just attached to one of it that night, so of course I'll want to go back to see all the animals at the other trails too!

As usual, I took quite a number of pictures during my time as an animal keeper (or even more than usual lah hahaha) and I'm going to share with you all now!!! Do continue to read till the end cause you might also get a chance to be an animal keeper (like me) for a night at Night Safari too! ^_^

typicalben singapore night safari

I was the first few to reach Night Safari even before their opening time, cause I think I was too excited? Hahaha! And the crowd slowly starts to form up pretty early too, guess everyone is as excited as I am!

outside singapore night safari

Since I'm early, I took some pictures at the entrance of Night Safari while waiting for the rest!

elephants singapore night safari

Oh hey, elephants! I love elephants, although these are statue but it's still cute!

typicalben selfie elephants

Selfie with the elephant statues at the back! :p

owl singapore night safari 3

Before entering Night Safari, we got to see this beauty. Great horned owl.

owl singapore night safari 2

Why are you so beautiful omg! We were all so fascinated by the look of it.

typicalben owl singapore night safari

And of course, a picture with it! :D

After entering Night Safari, we were given a short briefing on what we are going to do for the night, the area (trails) that we will be taking care of and also the animal keeper that we will be attached to. Basically the animal keeper will be guiding us throughout the night, demonstrating and teaching us on how to be an animal keeper! So we don't have to worry at all because we will be taken care by them since they are very experienced, we are in safe hands people!!!! At the same time, we can also get to understand their job scope, learn more from them and get hands-on experience!

singapore night safari 2

Off off, and here we go!!!!!

singapore night safari 1

The trail that I'll be in charge of, is the Leopard Trail!
So we have to walk past the Fishing Cat Trail to reach Leopard Trail!

singapore night safari 3

Walking past a pod of pelicans!

selife typicalben amantha singapore night safari

Took some selfies while walking to the Leopard Trail! With Amantha, who was there to accompany that day to help me take pictures, carry my bag, hold umbrella for me omg. Thank you so much!!!

I actually feel quite bad cause she's like sweating herself yet need to help me take pictures, sometimes carry my bags, shelter me with umbrella when it rains and she did it all without any complaints hahaha! Although she keep saying that it's her job (cause she's our manager), but I still really appreciate it one eh! :D

typicalben amanita zoo keeper singapore night safari

Another seflie with Amantha and Eli, the animal keeper!

Eli is super friendly and nice to us and she keeps on feeding us with information and knowledge that she know about the animals! She told us that she already had 5 years of experience working as animal keeper omg. I seriously learn so much from her in just a night and I've to really thank her for that!!

typicalben leopard trail singapore night safari

After a short walk, we finally reach Leopard Trail!!!

singapore night safari 4

Can't wait to check out all the animals that are inside this trail!!

singapore night safari 5

singapore night safari 6

I guess I was too excited and once we reached the trail, I was about to barge in to see the flying squirrel that I almost forgotten that I'm there to be animal keeper and not as a visitor lolololol. :x

Luckily Eli stopped me in time eh, if not I think I already inside to see all the cute flying squirrel liao hahahaha! She told me that we have to quickly go prepare the food and also, some other preparation for the night before they open the gate to let the visitors come in! We got a real job to do man! Let's go!

singapore night safari 7

Walking past the cute asian otters!

singapore night safari 8

As the animal keeper of the day, it's time to do some serious work!
Walking to different areas to prepare the food for the animals!

typicalben zoo keeper

Going in.... where all the behind the scene work is done!

zookeeper singapore night safari

Eli preparing and getting the food ready for feeding!

singapore night safari food for animals

Okay done!

typicalben preparing food to feed animals

Then it is time for feeding yay!! Eli told me specifically what food to feed which animals and why are they feeding them the food, like because of the nutrients etc. I really get to learn a lot from her!

typicalben feeding animals

Feeding the ducks first!

typicalben feeding animals 2

Here you go!!

singapore night safari 10

singapore night safari 11

The duck really swam over to eat the food! So cute!

After feeding the ducks, Eli came over and asked me whether I'm okay to touch any food that will be fed to the animals.... I then replied to her, "Of course okay lah!". Then she showed me this........

singapore night safari food for animals 2


typicalben singapore night safari food for animals

At first, I still thought what! Luckily it's just mealworms which I'm not really scared of hahahaha! Also, as the animal keeper for the night, how can I be scared of such things! *flips hair*

singapore night safari 12

Eli teaching me how to feed the birds with mealworms! It's not just anyhow pour the mealworms anywhere okay! Have to spread it evenly in different areas on dry surface!

singapore night safari 13

And now it's my turn! Hahahahaha!

typicalben learning how to be zoo keeper singapore

Next, is hanging up all the fruits on the tree branches for the bats!

typicalben learning how to be zoo keeper singapore 2

She again show me how it is done!

singapore night safari 14

Just like this! Looks simple!

typicalben placing fruits at singapore night safari

And now it's my turn hahahaha! Which turns out to be not really simple because it's quite hard to reach even with the pole and we also don't know which branches are strong enough to hang them!

singapore night safari 15

Slowly hanging them all up! *proud*

singapore night safari bats

All the bats are still sleeping! When they wake up later at night, they can have their food already!

typicalben and zoo keeper

See both of us look so happy hahaha! Really had a good time eh! Anyway, Eli quickly finish hanging up the rest of the fruits (am I too slow oops!) because we still have other areas to got to!

typicalben putting apples night safari

Me playing my part, hanging the last apple on one of the branches and we are done!

singapore night safari food for animals 3

Went to prepare more food for the animals and also to feed them!

singapore night safari giraffe

While walking to other area, I got to see the giraffe up-close omg!!!!!!

singapore night safari giraffe  2

I think the giraffe spotted us and turned around to look at us!!!!

typicalben singapore night safari giraffe

Quickly snapped a picture with it! Eli was telling me that only animal keeper can get so close because normally we can only get to see the giraffe while sitting on the tram! #perksofbeinganimalkeeper

zebra cafe

Walk past the Zebra Cafe which is located inside the Leopard Trail!
So cute look at all the seats, it's all zebras hahahaha!

singapore night safari 17

Soon the sky turns dark and it's already night time! Time past so fast, we didn't even notice as we were going around making sure all animals are fine and feeding them their food!

typicalben walking at singapore night safari

Amazing experience at night because we get to see all the animals most naturally active side!

singapore night safari 16

Back to see the Flying Squirrel! Time to feed them too!

singapore night safari 18

Doing my work in the dark! Feels so different but amazing, really!

singapore night safari flying squirrel

Right after I placed their food, all the flying squirrel glides down from the top of the various trees to this one and eat them omg! What a sight that we won't usually get to see!!!

And I use the word glide because I was saying that they 'fly' at first but then Eli educated me telling me that they don't fly literally, but they glide hahahaha! See I really learn a lot of things from her!

singapore night safari otters

We get to feed the cute otters too!

singapore night safari 18

We also went back to see the fruits that we hanged up earlier! All the bats are eating them when we were back there! And they are flying around, on top of you while you're in there wow!!

singapore night safari 19

Gonna feed the porcupine!!!!!

singapore night safari porcupine

singapore night safari porcupine  2

Nom nom nom.....

singapore night safari leopard

Then we visited the leopard!!!! So up-close!!! *.*
Everyone can get to see it so up-close as it's part of the walking trail!

We got to see every single animals along our trail with Eli right next to us telling and explaining to us some of the facts and stuff that is related to the animals! So thankful for her, we really get to know a lot of things that day! Didn't manage to take much pictures at night because we (or basically all the visitors) are not allowed to use flash photography. I think Night Safari is really a place enjoy the experience rather than taking photos. Trust me, you guys will sure be awed by the atmosphere and the experience there.


Came across this, while we are leaving the Leopard Trail!
Will come back to see lion feeding for sure! Should be super cool! :O

I also heard that Night Safari is the world’s very first wildlife night park to also feature a 20-minute animal extravaganza that is Creatures of the Night Show! I'll wanna come back to watch that too! Exciting!

singapore night safari tram

Took the guided tram tour at the end of the day and it was a delightful 40-minute ride!

I didn't expect it to be so fascinating because you get to see animals so close to you, roaming freely around and some are even walking past right next to you! The tram guide will also fill us in with all the information as we pass by the all the 7 geographical zones with all the different animals! I really love it!!!


I just wanna say I'm really glad to have this chance to experience something so different and it's such a fruitful day being an animal keeper! It's something we don't get to experience in our normal daily life or from watching videos/tv of the animals etc. I really get a chance to get a glimpse into the wild lives of the animals when they are most naturally active and even get close to them. I'm really happy tbh!

For those who also want to experience and be an animal keeper for the night like me, good news is that you might have the chance too! As Night Safari celebrates their 20th anniversary, they came up with this simple contest to allow the winner to have a chance to be an animal keeper for a night!!!

All you have to do is to......

singapore night safari #ns20

Yes, take a picture with their anniversary wall at the entrance of Night Safari!

typicalben singapore night safari #ns20

Like this!

typicalben selfie singapore night safari #ns20

Or like this! Or any pose you want! Then you upload it onto your public Instagram account with the hashtag #NS20 and you are done!! So easy!!! Contest ends 21st June!

I really hope one of you guys who are reading this will get to win to experience this once in a life time experience, so you guys can understand how I feel! Good luck okay! :D


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  1. I don't remember what happened during the time I went to Night Safari in Singapore because I was young then... But I do know we went... I hope I can go again now that I'm older. HAHA

    This is such a fun experience!!

    Cheers! :D

  2. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Sorry, But may I know what camera are you using? The pictures quality are good!

  3. Hi Ben! I have 2 questions for you. First, who usually takes all the pictures for you? Is it Ran? Do send my regards to him too! Secondly, your green hair turned greenish blue? :O I like this colour ;)

  4. Anonymous12:20 pm

    was Amantha from pjc in 2008-2009? She looks familiar! i think i've seen her in school before haha