Hanging out at *SCAPE with Peishi

June 18, 2014

Been meeting up and hanging out with my friends a lot lately! So happy! :D

Met up with Peishi recently for lunch and then to also do a bit of shopping afterwards!! She was out early for her dental and I was at home, so we decided to meet straight over at *SCAPE! I didn't had any food in the morning and both of us were super hungry, so we decided to go for sushi buffet! Yum yum yum!

At first I wanted to eat NeNe Chicken one, but she was having a really bad sore throat and I'm feeling abit of the sore throat too, so we decided to give it a miss this time round. But nevermind can always go again since it's so conveniently located at *SCAPE! Sushi buffet is also not bad, can eat all we want hahaha!!

typicalben peishi sushi

We had the tea time buffet over at Sakae Sushi!

jap food

The food!!! Which we finished them up really quick lol!!!

peishi jap

Took a candid shot of Peishi drinking miso soup!

typicalben jap

And here's me drinking miso soup, which is taken..... by myself hahahaha!

typicalben peishi sushi selfie

Love this picture!


After finishing our food, we went to walk around! Then we saw KBOX which we wanted to go but both of us were having bad sore throat that day and we cannot sing, so didn't go!

Peishi was telling all of us the other time that when you have sore throat right, it's best that you don't sing and stuff like that? Because you might hurt your vocal cord and after you recover, your voice won't be that nice anymore? Is this true omg. Cause I always like to sing when I'm having sore throat hahahaha! Cause the voice is more deep and husky! No wonder I sound so bad now when singing! T_T

typicalben peishi on escalator

Going up to the top level cause I told her I never been before!

dancer scape

A lot of people are up there dancing and some of them resting!

typicalben peishi selfie

We went up there not to dance but to take selfie cause the sunlight was nice! Hahahaha!

typicalben peishi selfie 1

Mr Chu~~

playnation scape

Came down and saw Play Nation! Looks really fun eh!
Will come again next time when the rest of the #FlowerGirls!

neoprint scape

Then we walked out and saw this!! Omg neoprint machines!!!!

Super nostalgic because back in the days when we were still schooling, we always love to take neoprints! Like we spend tons on money on neoprint machine! But it's like very rare to see them nowadays cause I guess everyone has camera/smartphones now, so they don't really wanna take neoprint?

But it's always fun to go back and take again! Maybe I should ask Fingers to come and take it together and relive our secondary school days memories! Hahahahaha!

typicalben neoprint selfie

Guess what am I doing inside?

typicalben neoprint

Taking a selfie cause the lighting is super nice! :x

scape stores

Then it's time to shop!!! Omg I didn't know that there's so many things to shop over at *SCAPE??!!

peishi shops

Trying on shoes!

peishi shopping

Then she went over to THE OOTD, she told me that she love everything the shop sells! Then she just went to to do shopping and left me alone outside omg? And so I had to wait for her! :/ #iamagoodfriend

typicalben shopping at scape

All the phone covers are so cute!


While walking around, we happen to see this! Then I was telling Peishi that we can faster shop and spend a minimum of $25 and we receive a free $5 *SCAPE voucher leh!!! Like worth it!!

Then we realise we need to pay using YONO FlashPay card! Omg what is this YONO FlashPay card, why so good one! Cause using the card right, can also get a chance to win a 8 days free & easy trip to Hong Kong/Taipei for 2 each time we spend there omg!!! I wanna go Taipei, super love the country!

bokeh scape

Accidental shot inside the *SCAPE mall that turns out to be pretty! *.*


Hungry again? But the Korean food looks really delicious!

Anyway, later we realise that there are exclusive discount coupons (up to 40% off and 1-for1 food items) at the redemption counter on *SCAPE Level 2 where we can redeem though, why nobody tell us earlier!!! :/ If you all go there next time, must remember to go redeem and use okay! Good deal leh, don't waste!

typicalben peishi 2

Then we went down to *SCAPE Underground to shop! :D

typicalben peishi

Didn't forget to take selfie while shopping of course hahahaha!

scape underground

Somemore there is GSS sales now happening! So great deals are everywhere!
Someone please stop me from spending money!

typicalben wall-e ootd

Outfit shot at *SCAPE Underground! Wearing my cute WALL-E sweater! ^_^

typicalben peishi selfie

Then we head out to the *SCAPE Bazaar!

scape bazaar

The bazaar is held on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at *SCAPE The Deck! And it's forever crowded because there are variety of things that they sell there and many of are really great deals!

*SCAPE typicalben

Really is shop till we drop hahahaha!

typicalben peishi SCAPE

Had a really fun day with Peishi! Gonna meet her soon again! :D
If you need more information about *SCAPE GSS, they can be found here!



Anyway *SCAPE is also giving away Sakae Sushi vouchers on their Facebook page now too!
You guys can go and check it out HERE if you’re interested! ^_^

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