Get Lucky at Bugis Street!

June 23, 2014

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typicalben rachell tan bugis street

Met up with Rachell recently and guess what are we going to do????!!!

Shopping! Yes, you heard it right... SHOPPING! Hahahaha! I know almost all of you guys here love shopping and obviously, both of us love it too... in fact, we love it so so so much! :D

We were really excited as it was an impromptu decision to shop that day and I think it's also the first time we do shopping together? So at first, I didn't know whether she will be a good shopping buddy anot (hahahaha please don't tell her this) because I really dislike people to rush me when I shop (and I don't rush my friends too, cause shopping should be a enjoyable and fun). I would want to slowly shop and decide what I wanna buy! And sometimes giving each other opinion when needed because me and my friends always do that when we are in dilemma... like on what to get, which colour to get etc.

And Rachell is such an awesome shopping buddy that we ended up shopping for few hours and even missed our movie! Hahaha! I know it sounds exaggerating but we really missed our movie due to shopping eh, and we could even shop longer than that because there are still some shops we didn't manage to cover yet. Sounds like a shopping paradise? Yes indeed it is, and it's none other than Bugis Street!

bugis street typicalben 9

Bugis street has always been a shopping paradise for both men and women to me!

I like how it is always very lively and all the shops there are filled with awesome good buys that we totally cannot resist! And it's not just recently that I only started to shop at Bugis Street okay, I've been shopping there since I was in secondary school (and that's many many years ago omg)! They have been an awesome place for us to shop at all these while and it's getting better and better over the years.

I feel like I'm seeing them growing up hahahaha! Cause now Bugis Street covers 3 levels and it's fully air-conditioned! So we can shop in comfort while having endless of shops to shop from! Awesome! :D

bugis street heaven typicalben

Omg is this shopping heaven???? *.*

bugis street typicalben cute clothes

So I went visit all my favourite shops at Bugis Street when shopping the other day! And this one is JSB at level 2, which I will always come when I'm at Bugis Street!

I was quite shocked because when I was about to make payment, the aunty there say that they recognise me and even gave me discount omg hahahaha! They say they remember me as I always go there and they also mentioned that I changed my hair colour, cause before that it wasn't this hair colour omg. Wah they really remember leh! See, this is a concrete proof that I got go Bugis Street for shopping one! :D

bugis street nice clothes

Some of their stuff are pretty unisex, so guys can wear too!
What's better is most of them are at $10 or 2 for $16, like seriously! O.O

No wonder their shop is always flooded with people one! My bffs, Fingers also love to come here to shop because they are very friendly too! And their shop opposite, has a clearance sales of storewide $5!

typicalben shopping at bugis street

Choosing my tops! Will show you guys what I bought from JSB later!

bugis street typicalben 2

Wide range and affordable specs and shades? You can find it basically at every level!

bugis street typicalben 5

And also millions of accessories for us to choose from omg loves it! I remember Esther showed me the accessories that she bought at Bugis Street and it's only at $2 each and it's very nice!


Snap a picture of Rachell while she's doing shopping at level 2!
The sales assistant is giving her new pieces for the clothes she wants to buy!

shoes bugis street typicalben

I sometimes get my shoes from Alice (level 2) too!

All the aunty looks damn familiar and they also wanna give me discount hahaha! They carry both male and female shoes, but for guys whose feet are smaller in size can get the unisex one too! Like $20+ only!

bugis street shoes

FOLiO (level 2) that sell all sneakers shoes too!

typicalben trying on shoes at bugis street

Checking out their sneaker! Price can go as low as $12 omg?!

bugis street typicalben 11

Another shop that caught my eyes is, along (level 2)! They told us that they just moved to this shop as they were at another level previously! They sell unisex stuff too which is awesome! :D

bugis street shop

Cute wall deco and their tote bags are all very cute too! Both of us spend quite a bit of time at this shop hahaha! They told us their stuff are imported with good quality so it's a little more expensive!

And by a little more expensive, they mean $15 for a tee.... which is still very affordable isn't it! I already wore some of the tees I brought from them and the quality is really good eh! Worth the price! :D

bugis street typicalben 4

You guys should know I love love love buying phone covers/stickers, so when I came across them at Bugis Street... I cannot resist but to stop and take a look! There are quite a number of shops selling them!

I particular love the phone covers/stickers that are selling at Y&J (level 3)! Couldn't control myself, I got myself a new iPhone cover there hahahaha! Carry on reading to see what design I bought okay!

bugis street clothes

Button shirts at only $10 and tshirt at $5!!!! How is this possible!!! So affordable please!!!

bugis street typicalben

Checking out the sales item at thief (level 3)! Everything at $10!

bugis street typicalben 1

Once you start shopping at Bugis Street, you literally cannot stop!

bugis street typicalben 3

A shop that only sells apparels but also Japanese imported snacks at level 3!

bugis street bags

There are also different kinds of bags for us to choose from as well!


Wide variety of stuff for girls! Rachell was going crazy while shopping cause there are so many things to buy and she ended up with a super huge trash bag plastic bag to put all her shopping loots! :'D

bugis street typicalben 10

Brought a bag from Y&J (level 3) which is super cute! Last one somemore! And the sling bag on the picture above is only at $10 omg. I was contemplating whether to also get that anot, at first too.

bugis street typicalben 8

And you can find also long sleeve button shirt and polo tee at $10 and $6 respectively at Twenty Third (level 1)! It's super affordable right!! $10 for long sleeve button shirt is a steal!

bugis street typicalben wearing panda

Can I be a panda? I wanna be a panda hahahaha!

Posted this photo on Instagram the other day and there are a lot of comments asking me where is this shop located at! Now I'm telling you! It's at Bugis Street, Love Story (level 1). Love the shop, it's so cute!


Rachell trying out the beanie too! She looks so happy hahahaha!
In fact i think she's really happy the whole day because of the shopping lol!

bugis street typicalben 6

All the cute caps at only $10! Want them?

bugis street typicalben 7

They also have adorable soft toys and bags too! Rachell bought a bag and a top from them!


Yay and finally it's time to show you guys all my shopping loots from this fruitful shopping trip with a budget of $100! I can't wait to show you guys because I really love the stuff that I bought!

outfit from bugis street 2

1. Pineapple tee - $15 from along (level 2)!

outfit from bug is street 2-2

I totally love the prints and the quality is actually quite good! And people were telling me that I literally look like a pineapple too with my all styled up green hair! Tsk tsk hahahahaha!

outfit from bugis street 1

2. Black & white heart tee - $15 from along (level 2)!

outfit from bugis street 1-2

Close up! The white heart shape is in velvet material!

outfit from bugis street 1-3

And the bag that I bought which I think is really cute omg.....

outfit from bugis street 1-4

3. Cute yellow backpack - $10 from Y&J (level 3)!

outfit from bugis street 4

4. Blue stripes sweater - $10 from Y&J (level 3)!

outfit from bugis street 4-1

Close up of the tee! I like the cute design at the top left part of the sweater!

outfit from bugis street 5-1

5. Green pattern tee - $4 from JSB (level 2)!
It was actually $5 but the aunty gave me a $1 discount hahahaha!

outfit from bugis street 5

Anyway, close up of the design!

outfit from bugis street 3

6. Grey duckling tee - $8 from JSB (level 2)!
It's 2 for $16, so I bought it together with another tee (the Mickey Mouse tee below)!

outfit from bugis street 3-1

Close up of the design! So cute!

outfit from bugis street 6-1

7. Mickey Mouse tee - $8 from JSB (level 2)!
It's 2 for $16 as mentioned, I love it!

outfit from bugis street 6

8. Baseball jacket - $20 from Y&J (level 3)!

outfit from bugis street 6-2

The back design of the baseball jacket!

cute banana iPhone cover

9. Banana iPhone cover - $10 from Y&J (level 3)!
They are selling 1 for $12 and buy 2 get 1 free!

cutest banana iPhone cover

Omg I really love love love this phone cover? It is so nice!!!!


And that's what I bought for $100, a total of 9 items!!!! Not bad right?!!! :D I'm really happy with my buys and I'm sure many of you guys can shop even better than me! Let's start shopping! Plus there is another good reason to go shopping there now as they are having a promotion right now.......

Bugis Street Monthly Lucky Draw – Get Lucky!!!

bugis street get lucky 2014

Bascially, it's just a Monthly Lucky Draw by Bugis Street where all of us just have to spend a minimum of $50 in Bugis Street (in a maximum combination of 3 same-day receipts) between 2nd June – 27th July 2014 and stand a chance to win the following prizes:

1st Prize: 4D3N trip to Hong Kong (includes Cathay Pacific air tickets + taxes, hotel)
2nd Prize: $500 worth of Bugis Street Shopping Vouchers
3rd Prize: 1 night stay at Parc Sovereign Hotel Executive Room (worth $228+)
Consolation Prizes: 10 winners of $100 worth of Bugis Street Shopping Vouchers each

On top of all the awesome prizes, there will be a draw for each month too! In other words, shoppers who do shopping during both June and July with spending a minimum of $50 will also entitles to a sure-win lucky dip! *Redemption location is at Level 3 (opposite #03-107) between 1pm to 9pm*


I know all of you guys can't wait to start shopping already! So maybe I'll see you guys at Bugis Street yeah? Hahahaha! Oh! And they are also on Facebook and Twitter too!


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