Thank you for supporting the #SIWWPledge

June 25, 2014

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First of all, I wanna say a big THANK YOU to every single one of you that supported the #SIWWPledge (which I blogged about earlier) by pledging your support for! :D

No matter whether you "liked" my photo on Instagram which converts to $1 donated to by the sponsors, or went to to post your pledge or came down to the event at Bugis/Orchard last Saturday to take selfie with us to pledge for the cause, we really appreciate it!

And because of everyone's support, we managed to reach the target of 40,000 pledges ($40,000) 15 days earlier than expected!!!! Which is a super great news yay!!!!!


Hit over 40,000 pledges and still counting!!! Keep it coming!!!!!

For those who don't know what are the pledges for, it is introduced as part of SIWW's goal to rally the global community towards finding innovative and sustainable technological and financial solutions to meet safe water and sanitation needs globally! So in conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week 2014, SIWW and seven of its founding sponsors are raising money for through #SIWWPledge!!

Therefore for every Like/Pledge made by all of us, the #SIWWPledge sponsors will donate S$1 to! You can read my first post on #SIWWPledge here for the detailed information!



Show you guys some pictures taken on the event day itself at Bugis!! With the whole team of people working hard to raise the awareness and spread the words of the campaign!

Was at Bugis with qiuqiu that day and Rachell + Peishi is over at Orchard! All four of us hope to really spread and get the words out there, not just to our followers but also to the strangers (public) as well! Thanks to the team working with us too, they are all very hardworking too! ^_^


We then started to go around to approach people to let them know more about the #SIWWPledge and the good cause that we are supporting! Hope they can also pledge with us together too!


Photos (pledge) will then be taken by the team with their phone, which will all be uploaded to the page! Thank you everyone who helped!!!


1 Photo uploaded = 1 Pledge = S$1 Donated!


Look at the kids, so cute! *.*

And I want to thank every single one of you that came down!!! :D Really quite touched and happy to see you guys coming down eh!!! I know it's a pretty late notice for this event but some of you guys even came down to Bugis earlier to wait for me, and I'm really happy to see all of you all!! Thank you so much for making the effort to come down to support me and also doing a good cause for the #SIWWPledge!!! :)


Went to find qiuqiu to disturb her hahahahaha! I don't know what she said that made me laugh until my whole face like cramp? HAHAH! Too much leh her! Tsk tsk!


We are very happy and proud to say that all 4 of us (at Bugis and Orchard Road) actually managed to meet up and interacted with nearly 1000 people in just few hours!!! So happy that it's so successful!!!


Thank you to all the strangers that stopped and took the #SIWWPledge together with me! :')


But this doesn't end here!!!!! We still hope you guys can continue to spread the words out and continue to take the pledge to support this cause!!! Remember that there is no money involved, all you have to do is to go to to post your photo (which equals to a pledge)! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Even if you have done so, you can also let your family and friends know about this too! We really hope we can spread greater awareness of pressing water issues to everyone around us! :D

Last but not least, really thanks to all the sponsors and organisers for helping to raise the money! Because for every pledge that we made, the sponsors will donate S$1 to! Without them, this wouldn't be possible too! So thank you! Below is a video of the message by the sponsors and beneficiary....

Let's support and take the #SIWWPledge together and make a difference today! ^_^


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  1. Glad to know this event was a success! Congratulations!