The boy with GREEN hair!

June 06, 2014

typicalben green hair selfie

Me in my new hair colour, GREEN!

I've always wanted to try and dye my hair green! I had the idea of doing it 2 years back when I was with another salon but I didn't do it in the end because at that time, the hair stylist there told me that I don't really suit green coloured hair, which some of my friends were telling me the same too. :/

So years later, I literally tried all the different colours (like even rainbow etc.) with Cleo Hair & Make! I'm exceptionally happy with them because me and my stylist, Ai, will try to work out whatever colour I want and she will try her best to achieve it! And the only colours that I haven't had before is green and pink. So since I always wanted to have green hair, I thought I must as well do it now because next time if I start working outside then I cannot dye all these colours already! #lifeistooshort #dowhatyouwant

green hair colour

To clarify, I'm not obsessed with my hair or anything. Though I really sound like it hahahaha. I just prefer myself to be in coloured hair and that's not something that happen only in recent years okay. Actually all along since my teenage years, I've always been dyeing my hair and prefer coloured hair than black hair. Although many of my friends (and some of you guys) love me in black, I still like coloured hair eh.

And I know many of your concern is worrying about me hurting my scalp and spoiling my hair if I keep on dyeing, but I've been taking care of my scalp especially ever since I'm with Cleo Hair & Make! Very happy and touched that everyone is so sweet, concerning and worrying about me eh! Really! :') I know I've said this before but I'm going to say again, I never touch my scalp when dyeing my hair and almost all of the hair colours that my stylist use is Manic Panic which contains no chemical! Remember to always ask your stylist not to touch your scalp when dyeing your hair, especially bleaching! #pleaseheedmyadvice

A little black roots doesn't hurt, damaging your scalp will hurt you even more!

I actually also went for some complementary hair check up the other time and my hair condition is still pretty good, just that the back is thinning a little. Hope to have opportunities to do hair treatment regarding that in the near future, grow back my hair!!! I also check with the consultant regarding not touching scalp when dyeing hair, they told me it's better and it's the right thing to do! But they say it's better not to dye hair at all hahahaha! I think my scalp was hurt last time when I was with other salon where they just anyhow put strong bleach on my hair and SCALP! Totally crazy. Never again. -_-

I know I've been repeating some of the things I've mentioned earlier every single time I talk about my hair or new colour, but I just wanna instil them in everyone's mind hahaha! #notouchingofscalp

cleo randy typicalben sam

At Cleo Hair & Make with Randy and Sam!

dyeing green hair typicalben

Green hair in progress!

typicalben with green hair

And this is the end product! I love it! Thank you so much Ai!

typicalben green hair

Really love the colour!! I was worried that the colour might fade off really fast, so I took quite a number of selfie when I got back home! But end up the colour didn't fade at all even after a week!

green hair

Side view! #whydoilooklikeigotdoubleeyelid

green hair colour

Even closerrrrrr....

green hair typicalben

Last selife for the entry!

typicalben green hair ootd

OOTD taken by Sam! New grey platform shoes from H&M!

typicalben green hair ootd 2


So lazy to go driving later, I just wanna lie on my bed! :x But cannot eh, I must go because my test is next month and I must pass! Meanwhile, you can also go read up why my dad is unhappy about my green hair if you haven't read yet... since it's related to this entry so I must as well mention it! That's all! *waves*


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  1. Anonymous4:53 am

    The hair color looks somewhat like turquoise color for me.
    Have you tried orange color yet?

  2. Green is a pretty and color and some people do look good with it in their hair. That's when it's intentional ;-)