Oh no did I spilled the milk?

June 04, 2014

My simple supper gives me more trouble in the end! :/

I was hungry at night and I didn't want to have a very filling meal before I sleep because it's not that healthy? I remember I used to eat like a full meal for supper (like instant noodles or rice even wtf) and ended up for that period of time, I kept having acid reflux and stuff like that.... pretty horrible.

Ever since then, I'll try not to eat so much for supper unless it is out having supper with friends. And if I'm feeling hungry at home, I'll eat something light and cereal is always my top choice! Why cereal? Cause it makes you full and at the same time, it's not something that is considered sinful to eat late night. Omg and I love cereal a lot but I think I rarely had it for breakfast, even though it's meant to be eaten as the first meal of the day! I usually eat it late at night, for supper! Who does that too? Raise your hands high up in the air please! Hahahaha! But I really miss eating cup noodles, especially tom yum flavour one! :p

So the hungry me went to the kitchen to see what cereal is there at home for me to eat! Previously I think I finished the milo ones and while I was finding, I saw one of my favourite cereal of all time!

Coco Pops!!!!! Omg I love it???!!!!

I mean I also love all other cereal too but I also really love this one because it was my childhood cereal hahaha! Thank you mum and dad cause I know they bought it for me cause they know I like to eat it! :D So happy! Then I went to the fridge to open a new packet of milk, like those carton kind, not small packet one for my coco pops. And because my fridge got no space at the side to put my milk carton vertically, I went to put it lying down, horizontally, then I go eat my coco pops while watching some videos!

To be honest, when I was placing it lying down horizontally, at that moment I was thinking that whether will the milk flow out anot. But because we have been putting it this way for a lot of times already and nothing happened before, so I thought it would be fine. BUT TO MY HORROR, after I finished watching my videos, I went to open the fridge again and I saw this!!!!!!!!

milk spilled in fridge

The milk spilled out all over my fridge omg!!!! -_-

Apparently the cap is defect so if we put it lying down, the milk will spill out! Omg I think sometimes my sixth sense for these kind of nonsense things is very accurate one lor. So I ended the night by cleaning up my fridge without wanting to let my mum know, if not she will scold me hahahaha!

So it's a success, cleaning fridge at 4am in the morning and until now... nobody knows a single thing! Well, but I think after blogging this, my whole family will know hahahaha! :x Okay, I'm gonna edit some pictures and blog up another entry in awhile! Do come and check back later k! Byeeeeeeee!


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