Eating Churros!

October 08, 2014

Goodnight ah! I was about to sleep but checking all my blog comments and tweets makes me really happy and excited that everyone is still anticipating my blog post, so.... I'm here writing again! :D

Pardon for all my short updates recently, it's quite sad to say I do not have the time to write as much as I could like before. I'm not sure if anyone of you here can guess the reason but I'm going to blog about it soon! Also, for those who miss me.... there will be a Cleo Hair & Make event this coming Sunday at Orchard Ion, level 4, Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ at 3pm!

For those who come right, you can get goodie bags, freebies and also the look book! I'll post up the details soon in my next blog post! I also posted this on Twitter earlier and so many of you replied telling me that you guys are coming omg. I'm so happy to see you all so supportive after so many years hahaha! YOU ALL WANNA MAKE ME CRY IS IT HAHAHA.

typicalben churros

Previously there was this sudden churros craze in Singapore and everyone around me wants to eat churros OR taking pictures of their churros and post it on Instagram! So I also joined in the craze to go eat churros hahahaha!

Dean & Deluca tea

Before that, I had brunch at Dean & Deluca! One of my favourite place but is always crowded now! :/

Dean & Deluca breaskfast

Mine! Just the usual big breakfast! *.*

Dean & Deluca brunch

Making me and you hungry at this hour lol.

churros Singapore

Churros for dessert! Which looks pathetically little but actually the serving is just nice.

typicalben with churros

:D I quite love ittttt!

churros Singapore 1

3 different dipping sauce!

churros Singapore orchard

Nah share with you! Alright, I better go sleep now! Stay tune later for this Sunday's event details! :D


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  1. Typicalben, send some goodie bag to me tooooooooo. I'm from Malaysia and I can't go for your fan meeting TT^TT