Morning encounter

October 08, 2014

So I just witness something really horrible this morning.

While I was waiting for the train, I saw a lady elbowed a guy while he was trying to walk pass her!

It might be a small issue to some of you guys but to me, I find it really ridiculous. Such actions should not be tolerated! As the lady was queuing up to board the train (I'm really happy to see such improvements among Singaporeans cause I remember few years back, nobody will queue up orderly to board the train), she was the last person and behind her was a glass divider. And when the guy was trying to cross behind her by saying "excuse me", she actually didn't want to give way.

Probably worried that she might be out of the queue or scared that people might snatch her spot, she didn't want to give way to the guy. But if she didn't give way, not just the guy will be stuck.... but more than 10 people behind will be stuck and will cause a human jam near the escalator. So the guy eventually raise up his voice a little to say "excuse me", not in a rude way but just a little louder than before. Hoping and thinking that she might heard it and give way this time. She finally move a little to give way after the guy said it the second time but she gave him an elbow at his body while he walk past her.

I find it disgusted because I see the smirk in her face when she did that. How horrible can she be???!!

Why does she wanna ruin a stranger morning. Everyone else is just like her, trying to go to school/work in the morning and they just want to take the train as what they are entitled to. Everyone else also paid fares like her. Sometimes through all these small little actions, I see the bad in people. I feel that some people are just plain ridiculous because they just want to be mean to people as and when they feel like it. Seriously, we do not need them to do good deeds or volunteer themselves for charity, but at least be nice to people around them especially when they did not do any harm to you.

Okay I'm gonna abruptly end my rant now here! :)


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  1. Anonymous2:24 pm

    She is a bitch.

  2. Ben, This story, is no different from what I see every morning on my way to school here in japan.
    I take the train everyday to go to school, and been doing it for 3 years. I guessed at first, since I was still not used to it, I found it rude, and annoying to get pushed or elbowed by guys ( even guys my age ) I know some people have to catch their next trains but honestly, I really don’t think pushing someone would help you catch the next train if there are a lot of people going out of the train. I really feel this post. its really nice to see this kind of ben. <3 gentleman in your own little ways!!

    omg its been really long since i visited your blog, the last time i did your hair was still blue!
    btw, black looks good on you!
    love all the way from japan,