Timeline of my day

November 24, 2014

Note: pictures in this post are all taken via iPhone

8.15am: Woke up later than usual, I guess it's because I slept at 2am++ last night? Couldn't get to sleep though, I don't know why. Was screening though all the pictures that I (or in fact, it's Ran) took for one of my ads yesterday.

8.41am: Done preparing and off I go to work! I'm starting to countdown to my last day of work! Less than 30 working days and that excludes my leave and off days! Seems like it's ending sooner than I thought! :D Made this important decision few weeks back and I'm really excited for 2015 because I'm going to focus on doing things that I do the best at, and doing it full time. *hint hint* Know what I'm referring to? I'm sure almost all of you can guess it right! And of course there are also other projects that I'm going to work on as well, I'm sooooooooo excited!

8.44am: Taking public transport to work is such a dreadful task in the morning and I know almost everyone is complaining about it. I mean I'm super okay with taking public transport but it isn't that pleasant when it's extremely crowded and you can't even board (which makes you late) or when it's so packed until you're smelling people's body odour or breath early in the morning. :(

9.13am: I'm beside someone who's wearing a matchy colour top as me! Hahaha! And also, this little girl is super cute! Seeing all these little kids makes me so happy and they always put a smile on my face! Anyway, she just turned and smile at me omg. *.*

9.45am: Reached office and time to work! It's gonna be a good day! Oh anyway, I brought breakfast on my way to work! Hot soya bean and cheese pancake! But hmmm... Where is my cheese?!! :O

1pm: Time for lunch! Went to nearby our office to have yong tau foo! Quite nice but the noodles..... way too little! Anyway, I ordered chicken wings too! Love chicken wings! :p On top of me is this bicycle as deco!

1.30pm: Time for juice! Have been trying to drink juice whenever I can to make up for the lack of fruits intake. Had Vita C Detox juice today! I love it!

1.45pm: Back to work! Bye!

6.45pm: Yay ended work! Going for dinner with my family! Anyway, I was so engross thinking about work stuff that I walked to the train station and went in by tapping my card.... when in actual fact, I was planning to take bus. I exit in the end and took a bus to Great World City. Meeting my family there as they are taking cab from home! It's been some time since we had the chance to sit down and have a proper dinner together already! Can't wait for dinner later yay! :D

7.20pm: Reached Ramen Champion at Great World City to try out their Shabu Shabu! Thank you Ramen Champion for hosting me and my family today! Really happy because it's really delicious and we were all very satisfied after the dinner! :D

9.32pm: Going back home now because dad is not feeling well. Mum kept raving about how delicious the Shabu Shabu was! Will definitely bring her back again! Can't wait to go back home because I'm quite tired......

10.15pm: Omg saw this cute cat again near our house area again! I find cats really cute now, although I was pretty indifferent towards cats previously.

1.33am: Time to sleep! Goodnight all my love!


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