Goodies from France!

November 18, 2014

Just got back home from meeting my friend today for dinner and had a great catch up session as usual!

I realise every catch up session will always a good one because we have been so busy and whenever we have the time to meet up, we will always have plenty to say. Anyway, something sad just happened to him lately, so I was there trying to listen to his story and kinda be his listening ear. I understand the feeling where you just need to share and rant everything out, hoping that the other party would just listen to you, when you are upset. I know that because I always do that when I'm sad and my bffs always will be there to listen to me and let me talk and rant for hours.

While listening to him and hearing his stories, it makes me realise how fortunate I am in some way, for that certain aspect in my life. I mean, I'm not here gloating about it or whatever (he's my friend duh!). But I just feel that sometimes after listening to people around us, about their stories, their complains and their troubles, it will make you feel that you are in fact pretty lucky and fortunate. We might know that we are, but sometimes things can get too comfortable and you might slowly take it for granted. Well, I just really want to see the people around me to be happy and I hope the next time I see him, he will be updating me about happy stuff. Because I believe that we all deserve to be with someone that makes you happy, someone who doesn't complicate your life and NOT someone that will hurt you and bring you down. :)

snacks from france

Anyway, some goodies from France! All of them looks so good, especially with the packaging.

macron france

Macrons which is pretty delicious!

biscuits France

Fancy a biscuit? Love their packaging!

biscuits France typicalben

The year is coming to an end and I already know my plans for 2015 already! I can't wait to share more and for those who love reading my blog and also love watching my videos, YOU GUYS WILL BE VERY HAPPY! Till then! ;)


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