Films at the Fort - Singapore's Open-Air Cinema

December 17, 2014

Hello everyone! :D I'll try to update a little more these few days because I reckon that there will be quite a few adverts that will be coming up here (which I've been working on for past few weeks and also now), since it's the festive period. :D

So to buffer them, I'll try to update this space with new personal entries to slot them in between all the ads. See! I got think for you guys one! But as always, all my ads are written in a personal way and all are really great stuff that I genuinely want to share it with you all! So stay tuned for the influx of updates! ;) Anyway, to something more personal which I haven't been telling anyone... I actually fell sick recently and went for x-ray. Because for the past few months, whenever I spit out my saliva right, there will be traces of blood in it. Which definitely gave me a shock initially, but I thought things might just get better over the days (maybe it's due to heaty or what not) but it didn't and it still persist after months.

So I went to the doctor and the doctor told me that it's not a joking matter (of course I know) and he immediately ask me to go for x-ray the next day. Took like 5 different x-ray of my lungs, throat, ears etc. and I went back to the doctor to show him. He then told me everything looks perfect and it looks fine. Then he tried to check my throat again and he told me that there's infection and there's a hole in my wall of my throat wtf. So I'm taking medication now and it's making me so drowsy every time! Just woke up from my nap anyway, and I was planning to post up this post in the afternoon. :/

Over at National Museum of Singapore while waiting for my friend, so I took out my camera to take some photos.

"Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls" - Titanic 1997

Been visiting quite a bit of exhibitions lately and it's something I think I'll continue doing.

Thunderbolt tee!

Went for Films at the Fort later in the day! Please note that this was back in August! :x So I think if you guys wanna go, have to wait for next year? Hahaha! Pardon me as I'm trying to clear all my entries by end of the year!

Free seating and when we reached there are quite a lot of people already. I still thought we were early.

Gotten the inflatable cushions from them!

Tadah! Done! It's able to sit upright or layback, not bad.

Also gotten white wine + chips there for the movie!
Really a new experience for me as it's my first time at open-air cinema!

Sauvignon blanc for the evening.

More and more people filling up the fort canning park!

No one was in front of me, so I got extra leg room hahaha (budget airline mah?)!

A quick photo before the show start!

I'm watching the Singapore award winning movie, Ilo Ilo! The movie was better than I expected it to be!
You guys should probably try going for open-air cinema! Perfect for dates! ;)


Went Cleo Hair & Make to have my hair done! To trim and darken my hair colour!

Done trimming and next is colouring....

Been having darker tone for my hair colour lately. Don't think I'll go back to colourful hair anytime soon, though I know many of you missed it. For those who wants to have their hair done before the new year, do call 6338 5250 for appointments!

#thephotothatdidnotmadeittoinstagram #notinstagrammable


Met up with JJ and that was the time before I officially started my full time job!

For the past few months we did posted up some #BenRanAway videos too, go watch if you haven't! - We will try to upload some more videos before the year end too!

Ending off this post with Crystal and YiDing! :'D


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  1. I have just read the post, the open-air cinema looks fun and very interesting indeed. just wondering how if it suddenly rains? hehe.
    anyway, surprised to see that we have same shoes ben! only that mine comes in red color hehe.

    Cheers, fili