What can you get from Groupon this Christmas?

December 18, 2014

Remember my previous entry on how easy it is to shop over at Groupon? Go read it if you haven’t! Today, I’m going to share with you guys my experience with all the deals that I’ve bought there with tons of pictures!

For those of you who might be wondering how’s the process like to claim all your deals once you bought them from Groupon, it’s actually pretty simple and fast. For some deals you can even redeem it on your mobile, so it’s really convenient!

bar stories typicalben 8

The first one that I went to is Bar Stories!

bar stories typicalben 4

It’s a little cozy cocktail bar hidden at Haji Lane.

bar stories drinks

They do not have a cocktail menu here, instead they will whip out delightful concoctions based on your preference!

bar stories typicalben

Enjoying my drinks!

bar stories typicalben 6

After having some drinks, it’s time for dinner! Yes, they have food too! Here’s my Salmon pasta with truffle oil! :)

bar stories typicalben 5

Pretty yummy! Love the truffle taste!

bar stories typicalben 7

Another 2 drinks to end the night! I told the bartender that I wanted something milky, and then they created and served me this butterscotch drink (right). What a delight! You will only know what drinks you'll get when it's being served.

chinois spa typicalben

Next up! It's the time of the year (since it’s coming to an end) to pamper myself for a good massage!
Went to Chinois Spa located at Mandarin Gallery!

chinois spa typicalben 1

Gonna have 100 mins of spa indulgence yay!

chinois spa typicalben 5

All changed up and getting my feet soaked.

chinois spa typicalben 4

Long time no selfie! Do you all miss it? :)

chinois spa typicalben 2

Having a small drink before we start the massage.

chinois spa typicalben 6

Me after the massage and facial was done and feeling so rejuvenated!

foodology typicalben 3

What’s Christmas without having a feast?!
My Christmas party catering set just came in time for my family!

foodology christmas typicalben

It’s 3 course spread and can serve up to 12 pax! Ideal for parties!

foodology typicalben 2

It comes with a bottle of wine too! Awesome!

foodology typicalben 1

Looking really delicious isn’t! And since Christmas is about sharing, we decided to also use this chance to hold a gathering and share it with our neighbours!

foodology typicalben

Gathering was a success! Everyone was indulging the food as they happily chit chat for the whole night! So happy!

wo peng crab typicalben 3

Remember the Sri Lankan Roe Crab deal that I’ve gotten for Peishi? Yes, I #giftGroupon it to her previously as an early gift for Christmas! :D Which I also bought the same deal for myself so we can go and have it together!

wo peng crab typicalben 2

Yay 2 crabs for us! The first one is the steamed crab!

wo peng crab typicalben 1

Another is Stir-fried with vermicelli.

wo peng crab typicalben rachell speishi

Rachell was there with us too! Always a great time to catch up over dinner!

wo peng crab typicalben speishi

Love this photo of us! We were really hungry at that point of time!

satay culture typicalben speishi 2

Then after that, we went to Satay Culture for supper! Which is also the gift that Peishi gotten for me! It’s like lok lok and I’ve been craving for it since the last time that I had it over at Malaysia!

satay culture typicalben 2

Time to choose the ingredients that we want!

satay culture typicalben 3

satay culture typicalben 4

Some of the ingredients for our first round!

satay culture typicalben speishi

With Peishi as we start our lok lok feast!

satay culture typicalben 5

Dipping our skewered food in the hot satay sauce!

satay culture typicalben 1

And that concludes all the deals that I’ve gotten from Groupon! :D
I must say it’s definitely a great experience to enjoy all the different services with Groupon.

Send a surprise #giftGroupon this Christmas to your family and friends! Gifting is made easy with Groupon where you can find all sorts of deals ranging from services, products or even travel packages that will suit your love ones!



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