The official opening of Metro Centrepoint

January 03, 2015

Stand a chance to win a $50 Metro voucher! Details at the end of the post! ;)

typicalben metro centrepoint 5

Got really excited as I was invited for the official opening of Metro Centrepoint on 27 November! :D

Congratulations on opening their fifth store and second full-line store in Orchard Road precinct! Was totally anticipating what was in store for us because I heard that at this new Metro located at Centrepoint, there will be new brands, which includes a new shopping and retail experience that will delight all shoppers. And I must say that I really enjoyed myself, shopping and exploring all the 6-level at Metro Centrepoint during the official opening! It was so much fun!

metro centrepoint 1

Level 1 - Beauty & Wellness

What awaits us at the first level, was the inviting and expansive range of prestigious cosmetics, fragrance and wellness brands! One of the main delight of the new Metro Centrepoint experience is the MD Dermatics Hands & Nail Bar, which provide pampering services such as manicure (Classic + Gel), pedicure (Classic + Gel) or even an invigorating foot scrub.


Peishi was there at the official opening too and she's trying out the hand massage!

typicalben metro centrepoint 1

I also gave it a try too and it was really good! Leaving with our hands soft and moisturised.

metro centrepoint 2

Level 2 - Women's Fashion

Which has all sorts of apparels, intimates, shoes, handbags and other accessories for you ladies! I really like how they give the international brands an upgrade with new exciting additions with more fashion offerings than before!

typicalben metro centrepoint 2

During the day of the official opening, there were even booths with flowers there for the shoppers too!

typicalben metro centrepoint 3

Look at how pretty all these gerberas are! Love the colours!

typicalben metro centrepoint 15

On the escalator moving up to level 3!

metro centrepoint 3

Level 3 - Men's Fashion

Then we are finally at the Men's department which houses fashion labels that are unique with their own signature designs and style that will form the foundation of all our wardrobe! While shopping around the level, I realise they have five new private labels (Kurt Woods, Jo Burton, M.Maison, Kiro & University Club) that takes the centre stage apart from all our favourite international brands. Personally I feel that it's really a good mix and we definitely will find something that suits us with such a vast selection of apparels, intimates, shoes, bags and accessories there!

metro counterpoint mens level 4

One of the five new private labels that caught my eyes was M.Maison. It's first-ever apparel line that is made up of understated cotton collection in hues of the weathered denim and indigo blues.

I think the appeals are perfect for young working adults (like me) or guys who just want to look good effortlessly due to the simple yet contemporary design. Another one that I like is KIRO, where we can find affordable smart suiting options.

metro counterpoint mens level 3

Looking for Panama hats or Pasotti canes? You can find it all at the men's level! They really have a wide range of accessories too which I think is very important because it adds the zest and zing to an outfit.

typicalben metro centrepoint 11

They also have a vast collection of sunglasses by international and local brands too.

typicalben metro centrepoint 10

Love their store layout and design, it's so different that really enhance the shopping experience. For a well-rounded experience, they also have Samsung there to provide you with the latest technology needs.

metro counterpoint mens level 2

From street style to classic wear, you can find it all here!

metro centrepoint mens level

The Denim Bar is another new introduction to Metro's floors with a curated selection of denim styles.

typicalben metro centrepoint 6

There was also a shoe shine service specially for the guests at the Men's fashion level during the official opening day!

typicalben metro centrepoint 8

Thought I might just give it a try and it's first time getting my shoes shine!
What an experience to shop and getting your shoe shine at the same time! Pretty awesome!

typicalben metro centrepoint 7

The guy who is shining my shoes is so nice and sweet! Thank you!

typicalben metro centrepoint 9

All clean and sparkly! ;)

typicalben centrepoint 21

After it's done, I continued to shop around! There's really a lot to explore!

typicalben metro centrepoint 4

typicalben metro centrepoint 12

What's even better is that there is Sultans Of Shave there to complete our whole shopping experience! The one-stop grooming destination for men that offers barbering services in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere of a private gentlemen's club.

typicalben metro centrepoint 14

Told them I would love to pose for picture because I love their interior design there! :'D

typicalben metro centrepoint 13

We can go from street fashion to classic shirt.

metro centrepoint 4

Level 4 - Home Lifestyle

You can also find all home essentials such as housewares, kitchen gadgets & accessories or even electrical & home appliances. There's also a fully equipped Bosch Show Kitchen there too, which includes live demonstrations by chefs!

metro centrepoint 5

Level 5 - Beds, Bath & Livings - Dreams & Co. | Level 6 - Kids
Not forgetting that there is also a Photo Booth at Level 5 for us to take pictures too!

typicalben metro centrepoint 19

Level 5 is where you can find beds & mattresses, linens, bath and thematic home decor!

Did you know? They have the biggest mattress department on Orchard Road with more than 100 bed? There are more than 80 exclusive mattress models and they also provide mattress firmness customisation and cleaning services too! It's definitely your one-stop shop for your full bedding solutions.

typicalben metro centrepoint 16

To usher in the festive season, it was previously filled with awesome Christmas decor for your home too!

typicalben metro centrepoint 17

What a beautiful Christmas tree! It's one of the 5 themes by Metro: Candylicious!

Also at Level 6, it is the kids' heaven filled with exciting stuff such as Disney princess carriage for photo taking, life-sized Transformer and also Iron Man action figure. Perfect for the kids to have fun while the parents do their shopping. There's also playroom, nursery and grooming for children too! How cute is that!

typicalben metro centrepoint 18

I really feel that Metro Centrepoint is the one-stop shopping store for family and friends, where it literally caters to everyone! To celebrate the official opening of Metro Centrepoint, we are having an exclusive giveaway on my blog!

metro gift card

One lucky winner will stand a chance to win a $50 Metro voucher just by commenting on this post with the reason why you want to visit the new Metro Centrepoint store! It's that easy!

Contest will end on 17/01/2015 and winner will be announced on this post. Spread the words and ask your family and friends to join too so you all can go shopping together at the new Metro Centrepoint! Good luck! ;)

Ending off with this cool Metro’s manifesto video that you probably should check it out!


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  1. Metro was my fav childhood shopping store, especially during Christmas! It's also THE store to shop in for my family too. Would love to shop there again with my parents to relive my childhood happy memories! ;)

  2. I have been always looking for a one-stop destination where I can find all things good catered to anyone, everyone. The new Metro definitely attracted me with their vast selection of items ranging from clothing apparels to home ware, and even selections specially for kids! Additionally, there are exclusive and highly sought-after international brands which are available in Metro! It totally revolutionised retail shopping for me––happier and hassle-free shopping. I definitely want to shop with Metro now!!! :)

  3. Since young my mum bring me to Metro to shop, now I still shop there. I will want to go see the new Metro store at Centrepoint with my mum and buy her things with the gift card. She is 55 years old now.

  4. Anonymous9:36 am

    i love u ben, pls let me win!

  5. Regine9:53 pm

    I hope to win this because despite working at Metro quite some time, I didn't buy anything since Metro isn't exactly attractive for teenagers like me. But after reading this post, I really want to visit the Metro at Centrepoint! I can't believe they have a hair salon in there and I've been gushing to my friends about it non-stop since I saw it on your blog O.O

    I also think it will be awesome if I could bring my mom there, pamper her and let her choose what she wants to buy because she slogged half her life to bring me up but seldom spends on herself and refuses to let me pay for her once in a while. I bet she'll be willing to shop and pamper herself for once if it's free :P

  6. Joseph11:20 pm

    I hope to win because I am a fan of you and Metro. I will bring my family there to shop, thanks Ben. :)

  7. Didn't know that there are so many services and variety of choices to chose from over at the new Metro Centrepoint store! (Probably because there isn't one over here at my area) Love all the facilities over there! Especially level 6 for my lil cousin who love toys!! He must be excited to go there as it is totally kids' heaven!! Not forgetting level 1 which provides beauty services such as the nail bar! Would love to try it out someday!!

    1. Congrats! They have chosen you as the winner! Please drop an email to: to claim your $50 Metro Gift Card! Thank you for participating! ;)

  8. There are many Metro outlets in Singapore, but this one at Centrepoint stands out because of its facilities! Typical Singaporean girl, the place that caught my attention is definitely the nails section. What's better than having pretty nails after having to shop at Metro? (the thought of it is just wow) . Although I wish i was still a kid, so I'll be able to enter the playroom, having the time of my life, but on a brighter note, it's better as we won't expect any kids playing catching along the clothing area or having to worry they're lost. it's literally like heaven..on earth(haha)! Definitely will check the place out REAL soon!!

  9. juicex11:48 pm

    I want to win to go the new kid on the new block, Metro's newest store at Centrepoint!!

  10. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Wow! so happy to know that the new Metro outlet opened at Centrepoint, Orchard. Definitely will shop for CNY stuffs with my family soon. Love the layout and design of this new outlet store. See you favourite shopping department store-Metro.

  11. Anonymous7:18 pm

    SARINA: After reading your blog, makes me want to go shop at Metro,Centrepoint! Every level is tastefully done up! Love to explore and shop at Metro soon!

  12. Wow, the new Metro at Centrepoint is really huge! One is able to find almost everything there w so many services and choices. :) I would definitely pay a visit there because it is really well done up and would definitely enjoy my time shopping, especially at the 1st level, most interested in the beauty products. :D

  13. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Joanne Koh: Approximately one more month to Chinese New Year, I believe the new Metro at Centrepoint will be the best place for my family outing; shopping in getting ready for the year of sheep! What's best, across the levels, everyone will be able to find your paradise! Level 1 will definitely be my first stop! :) Metro; Taste of paradise and the smell of home!

  14. Haven't been back to Singapore much over the last 2 years, much less visited any megastores here! I used to frequent Metro quite often with my family before I started going for my overseas placements. Its one of the places where everyone can pretty much agree on going since it provides such a wide variety! Tech & gadgets for the brother? Furniture shopping for the father? Clothes shopping for the mother? Beauty and makeup for myself? ALL checked! Winning this $50 voucher before the upcoming CNY will only probably help in cushioning the huge hole in my pocket cos I'm pretty certain I'll be spending WAY more than that in the Metro Centrepoint hahahahahahah

  15. Hey! I knew you from ps's blog. Nvm. I want to win cuz I can but what I want

  16. Hey! I want to visit the new Metro Centrepoint because I have already been there before and I LOVE the layout of this Metro as compared to the other outlets! Especially during the x'mas season, the whole Metro was decorated so beautifully. :)
    And the huge variety of goods there ensures there will be something suitable for the whole family/clique of friends! The previous few times I entered the Centrepoint Metro, I just had to spent at least 2 hours inside each time. This definitely shows how awesome the place is! And with the gift card..I think I will end up spending more than 2 hours inside Metro eventually hahaha.

  17. Jingwen11:14 am

    I would want to visit the new Metro Centrepoint because my mum loves Metro and hopefully, I will get a chance to bring her to the brand new Metro Centrepoint and pay for her shopping with the voucher! After seeing your blogpost, I am really WOW-ed by the changes that Metro has went through. Ever since young, I always had the impression that Metro was for adults and for the elderly. However, I am really amazed that the new Metro Centrepoint looks sooo new and chic and the christmas decorations are so insta-worthy. Furthermore, I LOVEE the hairsalon in Metro. That's definitely the first hairsalon I ever saw in departmental stores. It looks so beautiful that it's hard to believe it's located in a departmental store. After reading your blog, I am convinced that metro is not only for the "Adults" as they do have stuff for teenagers like us too! I really hope I can win the gift card so I can have a fun-filled day in Metro with my mum where there are stuff for all ages! :-)

  18. I would like to shop at the new Metro Centrepoint because I can see how luxurious it is plus they have a wide selection of brands! It will be the ultimate shopping haven!

  19. I want to visit the new Metro Centrepoint for Chinese new year preparation shopping because I would never be bored at Metro while my parents shop for new home accessories and I can go for a manicure session at the same time!

  20. this would be the perfect place to shop not only for CNY but for also for all other occasions since Metro got it all for you! i would love to experience it first hand and get to enjoy metro's new shopping destination!

  21. Jerlyn4:58 pm

    The new Metro Centerpoint looks so nice and huge!! Have been shopping at Metro since I was young and so would really like to visit it soon!!