Kiel James Patrick Belts

April 05, 2015

typicalben Kiel James Patrick THE CAPTAIN BELT

Here are some of the photos that I took during my trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! Some sneak peak before I blog about it. Was exploring the city and came across this run-down area that was filled with graffiti and thought it looked really cool!

I then realised it was actually a private residential area and was told to leave afterwards. Luckily we already managed to snap quite a few awesome shots in there! ;) Wearing a simple outfit with basic white tee, jeans and boots. Paired with a new Kiel James Patrick belt and my trusty Kiel James Patrick bracelet from Just Tangy. Both accessories match perfectly with similar colour tone!

typicalben wearing Belts from Kiel James Patrick

Many of us tend to forget that belts are super important, specially for guys. It can make as much of a statement as your other accessories (such as; watch, tie, socks, bracelet etc.) and it also represent our individuality and our personality.

Kiel James Patrick THE CAPTAIN BELT

A closer look at the leather belt and bracelet that I'm wearing! ;) Item name and link for easier reference:

Belt: Kiel James Patrick Captain's Anchor Belt Collection - Captain Hemingway
Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick (Quatermaster Collection - The Robin Hood)

typicalben Captain Hemingway Kiel James Patrick belt

I really love how fashionable and easy to match the belt with any kind of outfit. Be it casual with jeans or formal with pants. Can totally imagine myself in blazer and shirt paired together with this belt, giving it a twist to formal wear.

kjp belts

Apart from the one that I'm wearing, they also carry a huge range of belts from Kiel James Patrick, ranging from different styles and material. They also have belts for the ladies too, which I think will look really awesome if you pair them well!

Captain Hemingway Kiel James Patrick

All the Kiel James Patrick belts are open for pre-order and it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
A huge selection of design and sizes are available at!

Remember, a belt is not just an accessory but is something that can enriches your look too! ;)

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